ibiza gossip 2021

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To much dried ginger?
It helped at Dc10, all mates left b4 5am:1h30 am 4h00am ,only one deutch mate there still the end.
I was offered free drug 2 times
Anyone recognise this mic? Was curious Screenshot_20211019-222457_WhatsApp.jpgabout the name of the ibiza tv? EDIT :Télévision esivissa and Formentera,any replay from them
25cl hierbas drink b4 is not the answer to be questionning on TV 🤪😆
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Still looking for one amnesia closing ticket if anyone has any spare that they arent using? Arriving tomorrow morning and staying in PDB at santos ibiza, meant to be hitting mambo for dinner and pre drinks but the weather is looking a bit tropical, buzzing for amnesia opening tho :)


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Just finished work, logged out said bye to my colleagues, set my out of office...
packed, did my nails and I can't f***ing wait till I get to ibiza tomorrow....I have been waiting nearly two years for this

I am SO fuxking excited!!!

I think I will cry in amnesia tomorrow
Have a great time 🙌
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