*** ibiza gossip 2019 ***


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Blondish looked to be really tearing it up
Ibiza Sonica was broadcasting that set yesterday on their Facebook page and it did sound/look very good, Blond:ish have/has always been very good every time I've seen them/her.


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I can't believe the size of the crowds this kind of stuff attracts. If these people are also indulging in any kind of recreational help, well, it is a bit of a waste if you ask me.


shaq o' neal playing ushuaïa tomorrow.

no joke.

as DJ diesel

don't believe me? here's proof

The videos of him in the crowd n tomorrowland are hilarious. He entered the mosh pit at one stage. Imagine running into shaq in a festival mosh pit. holy shit. May not mean much to non americans but for me, esp being from Miami( he brought the Miami Heat their first championship) would be mind blowing.

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I think I heard on Radio 1 a few months back that the Saturdays Dance Anthems (which is broadcast 4pm - 7pm GMT) is live from Mambo.
Yeah I heard that too! Was hoping they were going to do a big stage along the rocks like they did last year and in 2017 but nothing's been confirmed yet which seems odd given that there's is only a couple of weeks to go. Guessing it will just be a normal Mambo broadcast for the dance anthems?