*** ibiza gossip 2019 ***


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Been visiting the Island for 16 Years but sad to say I’ve never done Benimussa Park. Going to go this year as wanted to do something the Sunday I’m there so doing Zoo Project. It’s not a huge thing for me but when do lineups get put out or is it just on the week?

Also what’s the best time to get in there and do buses go to and from the venue from San Antonio? Cheers for any help


Ibiza tickets very very rarely sell out so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

On the door is always more expensive but not drastically, I'd say 60 on the door for Luciano but that is a guess! You can always buy a ticket from any ticket seller and I'd imagine they would be about 50 for the Luciano night. If you try shadows and for any reason you can't get in (I don't think this would be the case for most dates) you can easily hop in a cab and go elsewhere, you'd be surprised the amount of people who don't buy a single ticket in advance still.

Thanks! I'll do that then and not commit to anything that Friday and play it by ear. Cheers!