Ibiza Characters


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We can overcome this little annoyment.

VIP wristbands from past years i may say :lol:

Each time i saw him by chance,Drinks n food on my house (this doesnt apply for big clubs and this doesnt apply to some few deep pocket spotlight that think everything is free in ibiza :rolleyes: (some wasting my time thinking im gonna make him a free ride to blue Marlin (play part to cost or Taxi is the answer :lol:, been always tricked by one here aug 17 saying, drinks on my house & once in bmi he dissapeared but text me for return travel :lol: Taxi i've answered im already in ibz town ) to the 1rst unknow :D & miss blue marlin closing for this reason :rolleyes: ))

Last time i invited him to have a lunch at miss Saigon ,av de espana, a lot of people salute him, even a dj Graham Sahara, i had no clues what he looks like b4 Francisco told me this is Graham Sahara....

When you hang with him, it's a lot of fun, he showed me some pics from him younger from 2 books (Ibiza Portraits & Awesome Ibiza)) in the bookstore, vara del rey

ps:he likes bon bon coffee, so u know what to offer him to please him
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Is Spiderman still at Bora Bora? Is the Orange Juice Man of Ibiza still about / real? Is the guy with the unicorn haircut and upside down sunglasses still about, think his name was Gino Ibiza?


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Gino has retired from clubbing scene but living in ibz, i spot him his wife & baby by chance when goint out from restaurant la Brasa aug 17
He was looking for a job for ushuaia but didnt get it...
didnt know he had unicorn hair cut :lol:, it was just a pony tail but up in the air :D

Bora bora has really lost the spot, never seen spiderman guy each time i had a go...