Ibiza Characters


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the buzz/hype carry on with this comic strip from a french bloke living in Ibz ,seeing firt around mambo ibz 99 as mates, sharing one time a taxi with him in nice , south of France where he used to work ...
Pippi sol ,Francisco, who is the black character on the right?

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for spanish speakers, this is a really good article from 2016 about "the last hippy in ibiza"


depending on your point of view, either he is messed up ......or the rest of society is.

Personally I think it is really sad that people leading alternative lifestyles are just treated like tourist attractions. It says a lot about our arrogance...
Fascinating article...I saw this guy's home at Cala Salada and now I know what it's all about

He puts stinky Paco to shame!


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Remember an English guy that never had shoes on,walking around San An.
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What about the barman in Murphys PdB with the frizzy afro (not sure he's still there), he's the quickest barman i've ever seen!


Anyone else know of Scottish Jimmy/ Jimmy Killin (sp) - usually skipper for Mambo parasailing and can be seen lurking in many of San An/ Bays' bars. Ibiza's answer to Peter Stringfellow with similar hair! :D