ibiza 2019 observations


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Saw video from a good contact uk worker Bodyworks sounds nice even i don't plan it at all
No post about eso es tulum Bmi? David morales made in italy last sat in bmi? can't believe i had a contact there but no f***int lost of time to advice her to go when they get crazy for D Guetta hi ibz 😬
Cova Santa Ez with Luciano sounded nice from a video i ve seen
bora bora appolonia didnt impress me...
Looks like techo french journalist mate is in ibz? following a video with maceo + jamie jones


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Gotta say I wasn't sure how Bodyworks would pan out but from the videos it looks absolutely packed every week, so fair play to them
While the music isn't particularly my thing, fair play for Hi for promoting younger talent to headliner slots. Camelphat also did their time as support for Prydz for a year or two, so have waited for the chance and not just jumped from club to club.

Ibiza needs new headliners coming through, particularly on the EDM/Commerical side. The Guetta's & Van Burren's are getting older and not getting the chart hits like they used to, so there has to be new blood coming through to headline or it all gets stale.

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They need these 'new' DJs like Jayda G, Surgeon, Courtesy, 999999999 etc. The same names even on the underground scene are getting stale. They get like big headliners and reuse lesser DJs

Nobbie Q

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