Ibiza 2009


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Who has Ibiza 2009 on their mind already?
I DO, I DO, I DO...

First time was this past September for two weeks (survived somehow). Heading back in July of '09. There's about 15 of us renting a villa for at least a week. Going to be organizing a few pool/after parties to meet-and-great fellow Spotlighter's. Info TBA in the new year.

I was very busy with other engagements this summer so, as crazy as it sounds, I forgot about Ibiza for a season. I mean, my time with the champagne girl last year was enough for me to say, "Ok, I can die now," but seriously, who can not want to go back again!

If Rocco Siffredi comes back I will totally book early and get lots of photos. :):):)
I might go back. Myself and my main boys are all 30 next year.

One last Ibizan fling.
not sure myself... there was shedloads I never got to experience last time, which needs to be rectified

however, a pay freeze at work and the competing allure of various parties in Croatia, Berlin and New York may have the last word
I say every year I might not go - but then always end up booking something last minute!

We've got a busy year with holidays lined up already, and we might need to save some days as I want to do a mini-trip (maybe 3 weeks) somewhere over next Christmas, so it really depends on how many days holiday we have, and money!

But I'm sure we will go :)
I'm not really thinking ahead that far, to be honest.

I definitely plan to go back... and I have to somehow time the trip around my 20th high school reunion, which people so inconsiderately scheduled right in the middle of closing party season. But I'm sure I'll figure something out.

In the meantime, other things to look forward to, like going home to see the parents in 23 days :D
Can't see me making it over in 2009. Not overly fussed. Was pricing up an off-season camping trip, which might be an idea for the future. Probably going over in May just before the season kicks off.
I don't want to think about it because i think it wil be the first time in 6 years i really really can't go :cry:

if I lived somewhere near, i'd pop over for a quick 4 days... boo
I'm not gonna bother wasting my money next year, go to a couple of festie's in the UK, and then spend the massive ammount I would in Ibiza on a DECENT holiday! Won't go back till Ibiza wakes up and smells the Offie! Too far up It's own arse now! :cry:
IF i go for the clubbing it will be for a long weekend. Otherwise If I go it will either be off season or not for the clubs.
IF i go for the clubbing it will be for a long weekend. Otherwise If I go it will either be off season or not for the clubs.

I want to live close enough to pop over for a long weekend... and one of these days go in November or something and check it out off season.