I just wanted to pop in and say hi...


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Just in case any of you remember me...

Happy new year to everyone!!

I am boicoting X-mas this year and on saturday I'm flying to Argentina where two weeks ago they were hitted by a heat wave. How weird to pack birkies and bikinis when you just want hats, scarfs and heaters lol
I'm spending three weeks buying books , summer clothes and maradona's t-shirts in Buenos Aires, trekking in Iguazú and getting lost in the hippy Cabo Polonio in Uruguay, so New Year's Eve in sarong for me 8)

BTW, Barcelona loves Rachel :D

(Robder... Sil is totally embarrased cos I disappeared in April :oops::oops:)
Hola Sil

Good to hear from you!!

hope you are resigned to losing the sevices of little Lionel in January :lol:

Have a great time in Argentina!!
Hello Sil,

I was in your wonderful city weekend before last, I never get bored of the place. Next time i'll drop you and Rach a bell and we'll have a cerveza or two !!

Have a wonderful time on your travels !! 8)

Un abrazo
Sil - how hilarious that you've been feeling embarrassed too! :lol::lol::lol:

I'm finding that highly amusing because I've been meaning to make contact with you for so long now - am also slightly ashamed here so shall we both let that one go? :oops: :lol:

So I'm glad you got there first anyways because this really could have gone on forever. :lol:

Hope things are OK with you! - Will send you a personalised message shortly. ;) x
Hi Sil! :D :D :D
We've missed you.

Irina & I had a blast in Argentina for the holidays last year. I'm sure you'll have a great time as well! Drop us a line when you get back and tell us how our trip goes.

In the meantime, happy (upcoming) New Year to you too :D
Hey Silv!

Hope you're well. Have a fantastic Christmas and New year ( which you will by the sounds of it!!)
Hi guys!

This is great, I feel like being back home!
Any tip about Buenos Aires will be welcomed, specially in clothes shopping :D

Hola Babs :lol::lol::lol:
Have you get your trekking shoes yet? :lol:

Robder, I love you!!! :D:D