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Following on from my mate winning a trip for 2 to Ibiza from Rise TV. I have jsut won a pair of VIP (appropriately I reakon) tickets for this weekends T in the Parl from Radio 1. WAYYHAAAAYYYY.

What do I go and see? Clearly I will be frequenting the Slam Tent most of the time...Laurent Garner obviously, DJ Sneak, Underworld (perhaps) It is a pondery...

Here's the line up - any recommendations?


Slam Tent (not in order of appearance)
Dave Clarke
Laurent Garnier
Deep Dish
Vitalic (live)
H Foundation
2020 Soundsystem
Brett Johnson
Mash (Jengahead)

Main Stage
The White Stripes
The Cardigans
The Proclaimers
Biffy Clyro
Martin Grech
DJs Steve Tilley

NME Stage
The Music
The Polyphonic Spree
Super Furry Animals
John Squire
Saw Doctors
Kings Of Leon
Snow Patrol
The Warlocks
DJ - Grant McSleazy

King Tut's Tent
The Flaming Lips
The Datsuns
The Jeevas
Mint Royale
The Basement
The Futureheads
Policechief DJs


Slam Tent
Royksopp (live)
Richie Hawtin
Green Velvet (DJ set)
DJ Sneak
FC Kahuna (live)
Gus Gus (live)
Ewan Pearson

Main Stage
The Charlatans
The Coral
Echo And The Bunnymen
The Darkness
DJs Steve Tilley

NME Stage
Underworld (DJ: Darren Price)
The Streets
Turin Brakes
The Roots
The Cooper Temple Clause
Inspiral Carpets
Hell Is For Heroes
The Raveonettes
DJ Ali Jengahead

King Tut's Tent
Teenage Fanclub
Lemon Jelly
Mull Historical Society
Death In Vegas
Damien Rice
Ed Harcourt
The Grim Northern Social
Come form Brechin...live in Edinburgh.

No transport but VIP camping tickets (i assume showers and clean bogs) etc.

Appearantly hospitality is included - drink and food. I'll beleive it when I see it - not wanting to get my hopes up.
Sounds good. I’m going too, but only on the Saturday. My friends mum got us free tickets. I’d much rather be going the Sunday cos the line up looks much better but I cant complain considering I’m not paying for the ticket.

Well done though, you’ll have a ball. :D
Yeh and I just won a mobile phone (worth 160 squid) by texting the number inside a bounty bar - dont even eat chocolate first time I did it.,

Oh, and I won one of the Coastline Ibiza CD's from the Space Website. Go and you will find my name - you will have to guess who I am (clue: its in capitals)

I am well buying a lottery ticket this weeked,
Yeah you could, by swapping my Saturday T in the Park ticket for your VIP weekend one. :p
Nah the reason I’m not going all weekend in the first place is cos I’m so skint. I got my ticket for free, that’s the only reason I can afford to go.
I'm going as well and am very excited.

Laurent Garnier, Vitalic, Dave Clarke, Roysopp, Dj Sneak, Richie Hawtin, Green Velvet...it's all too good!

I won my tickets too on Beat 106. Did anyone actually pay for their tickets?
That is WAY too cool. Could you record the Kings of Leon, Mint Royale, R.E.M. and White Stripes concerts?

OH, ya, and if you like rock click below
I don't usually frequent the dance tent when I'm at T tho I do usually pop in a couple of times to see what it's all about. If I was going would probably just go Sunday but Saturday would have liked to see the White Stripes and The Cardigans (and maybe the Proclaimers!!). Line up on Sunday looks fantastic, def recommend The Charlatans and Feeder. They will do bouncy, energetic sets and Turin Brakes are good for something more chilled out. Seen Coldplay a few times and they are always good as are the Sugababes, very talented girls and put on a good show. Think the coral will be good too. Hope you have fun. I am green with envy!!!!!!
I think the Slam tent line up is fantastic. I’ll probably be spending a lot of my time there.
K said:
I think the Slam tent line up is fantastic. I?ll probably be spending a lot of my time there.

I'm not really very educated when it comes to dance acts (is that blasphemy on this site?!?) :oops: . So wouldn't know who to recommend in the Slam tent but if it looks good to you K it must be! My boyf is probably quite lucky cos when we go to Ibiza he chooses where we go because I wouldn't have a clue who most people are! I am steadily learning tho and know what genres of dance music I like and don't like.
White Stripes have cancelled :(

As for Slam tent, the line up is amazing. Almost EVERY act is worth seeing. I reckon it's one of the best dance line-ups (especially for techno) I've ever seen at any festival, anywhere.

I'm especially looking forward to Laurent Garnier (very rare appearance), Vitalic (live set-electro techno), Dave Clarke (one of my favs), Dj Sneak (a god) Royksopp (I'm sure you'll know through 'Eple' and 'Remind Me', also Live), Green Velvet (La La Land, Flash), Richie Hawtin (another god)....
I will also be up at the front of the slam tent (esp 2-4 tomorrow for Deep Dish) by the speaker on the left if you want to say hello.

Look at my profile for what I (sort of) look like but there are dodgy old pics! I will be wearing my knee-length combat grey skirt, trainers/wellies, and a white and red vest top.