How's Your Year Been? (2020)


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Great report Antonio.
For me it’s just felt like a very frustrating year. But lucky to have my boys and my wife with me so I can’t be anymore happier.
Hope everyone on this forum has a better year in 2021. With a bit of luck We’ll all be back in Ibiza soon ?


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I don't think a forum like this would be a good place for a link to webcam sex shows.. The drug thread is embarrassing enough of a read...

We aren't doing webcam stuff just yet, I think we are happy enough doing videos and pics for now ?

Something we will consider in the future though.


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I always joke with the wife that we will support ourselves in Ibiza with Internet porn or live sex show on island. I guess you are ahead of the curve @AntonioGeordio !!!

Haha get involved mate, it's easy money once you figure out setting up your camera and all that. Need a bit of choreography too lol.

It was actually her initial idea. A girl she knows runs a similar page and makes a nice monthly supplement.

You know how competitive women are ? she see's it as a challenge to beat her.

I wasn't too keen at first but when we broke the £10, then £20 and now pushing toward £100 I actually warmed to the idea.

So far I think we could buy a couple of tickets to one of the big nights in Ibiza :D?

Told her as long as I can hire a jet ski a couple of times and a couple of shots on the bungee ball in San An, then I'm keen ?


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Ah, if I wasnt gutted enough to not yet be a secret forumer, now it’s truly devastating!

I'll nominate you and put your name forward to the panel.

You've had a good year, with plenty likes dished out and received on here, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to have you aboard ?


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I'll nominate you and put your name forward to the panel.

You've had a good year, with plenty likes dished out and received on here, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to have you aboard ?
A panel? Is it like a PhD where you have to stand up and defend your thesis? Amnesia is my favourite club because.....


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I saw this thread a few weeks ago but I thought it was a bit too early for me to call an end to 2020 ?

I worked with an old Danish bloke once in Esbjerg, and he had an old saying that I can’t remember word for word but it was basically along the lines of ‘never say it was a good day until the sun has set’.

Well this year has certainly ridden me right into the stops.

I was forced to take coronavirus seriously when my Mam was brung down with it early April. Both her and her husband had it for 5 weeks. He works in a prison in Glasgow and he caught it first, then passed it on. They both managed to suffer it out at home. Both doing well now, with no obvious long term effects apart from my Mam being a Covid expert now.

I’d booked a couple of holidays early on in the year and quipped at the time that I was jinxing myself by booking them so early. As the situation went on it became obvious to me that I had actually jinxed myself ?‍♂️

With people around me losing jobs, and loved ones, I didn’t cry too hard about losing a few holidays.

Turned out I was facing redundancy too, thanks to the virus.

I went through the whole getting paid off process and I was about 5 days away from being unemployed when my redundancy was cancelled and I was reassigned to a new team and location. f***, that was a close one! You see your kids playing and enjoying themselves oblivious to what is happening and you wonder how you are going to support them if the worst happens. My heart goes out to anyone that has suffered this.

My Aunty works at a hospital here in Newcastle as a ward clerk and has had a busy year. She’s been ill for the past few years and been getting various treatments for it. She took really ill in October. She found out last week she now has 6 months to live ? The illness has spread to her bone marrow and the doctors say there is nothing they can do.

Spent a bit of time living with her when I was younger, when my parents were going through their breakup. She’s a classic tough geordie wife. She used to work in a boozer in the town known as ‘The Monkey Bar’ for as long as I can remember when I was a kid. Inner city pub with an interesting clientele.

Gutted is an understatement after a year like this. She has two daughters and three grandkids, the loss will hit them hard. They’ve spent all year staying apart due to lockdowns and bubbles and all that. I have no real game plan here apart from trying to be there for them.

My younger brother got married yesterday afternoon in a grim cold and rainy Newcastle. Was witnessed by my cousin and her boyfriend and no one else. Originally it was planned for July and was going to be an awesome family bash. Hopefully we can all get together and celebrate properly at some point in the future. Gutted we couldn’t have a proper stag doo, we had some good things lined up. They’ve taken it in good spirits though and posted there ‘wedding’ pictures online, with one of them next to some random graffiti saying ‘Fat Ankles’ outside the civic centre.

My daughters have had a strange year. It’s been an absolute adventure for the 8 year old. Endless walks out and constant activity. She’s still of that age where everything is a mystery to her. (Wish I was 8 again) Made a swing in the local park with her, using a length of old rope and a piece of wood. It blew her mind for weeks and she was never off it when we went down there.

Bit different for the 15 year old though. Socialising with your friends and being out and about is important at that stage of your development as an adult, I think. She’s found it harder than most of us I think. This being a critical year for her with exams coming up too, I do worry for her.

Two lads I know decided to check out early this year. One ex Army lad, a tough Yorkshireman from Leeds. Another, a Russian lad, that I worked with on contracts after leaving the army. No idea why they decided they’d had enough. Sad times.

Me and my better half were lucky enough to get away for a very short trip to Portugal. Not exactly Ibiza, but it was a much needed break for both of us. True to form for 2020, on the flight out we had to make an emergency landing at Dublin for some poor bloke that collapsed when we were airborne. Was raining heavily in Dublin that day.

Personally I’ve had a really busy year, the work has been non stop. My last operational tour in uniform was 2017 to war torn South Sudan. Whilst I was out there I made a 5 year plan to try and pay my mortgage off early with the money earned and backed up with money from earlier deployments to the Middle East. Well I’ve managed to reach that target early, although I think I’ll hold on to the money and see how the next 12 months go. 2021 looks like it’s going to be such a wild card year.

Me and the missus have just actually set up a joint page on a similar site to OnlyFans (don’t worry mods I won’t be trying to advertise it here lol). I’ve been in calorie deficit for about 4 weeks and smashing out ab routines and gym work to get a bit more ripped so I look half decent in the vids. We’ve got a light ring with a holder for a mobile phone camera and it’s amazing the angles you can get. All pretty easy to do. Our target is to make enough money offset a really good holiday next year, if things have improved of course. I mean I’m no Ron Jeremy like but I’m proud to announce that we are up to £55 already after 5 days. That should cover the drinks in the airport so far. I’ll keep yous updated??

I was actually due to travel away on Boxing Day, in order to start my next work rotation on the 28th. The new strain of Covid has actually cocked this up, with most flights being cancelled. My employers have managed to rearrange my travel for the 29th. A few extra days at home with my family is a great result.

Anyway apologies for rambling on and boring you’s all to death. Finally got the kids to bed and I’ve just been staggering around the living room half-cut trying to put their presents out for them without making a sound.

Not sure exactly where I will be on New Years Eve but I will raise a (non alcoholic) drink to all of you magnificent bastards and say Happy New Year and wish you the very best for 2021 when it comes around.

Also made this for our Xmas tree out of old face masks. The daughters and missus weren’t impressed in the slightest. Don’t know why I bother at times ?‍♂️

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Read this late last night while getting presents ready for the little.

Really sorry to hear about your friends, there's always more questions than answers when they leave too soon.

Congrats on your new side gig, I'm excited for the new "Geordie Shaky Cam" film style to get popular!