How do you get to the airport?


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hi all, well last year my fiance's parents took us to the airposrt but this year they are working on our departure days, so we are looking at paying £50 parking for one week for Menorca and £115 for one night stay in the Stanstead Hilton and then 15 days parking.
compared to the shuttle bus, taxi etc this seems the best way but it is still digging into our holiday money quite a bit :evil: - anyone have any tips on what they do? xx
hi, thanks for the link but it is actually costing me more as 7 days parking is £60 and 14 days parking and one night at the hilton is £115
seems there is no other way to do it!
dont think we would rely on hitchicking.
its all so expensive now!
try and grab one of these badboys (in Formentera there were still loads!)

a joy to ride in

who are you calling a hippy, hippy? :lol:

those jeeps are dope. My spanish uncle had one on his farm. zero suspension, loose gears. best transport ever.
3 people plus bags in a mini?

It seems odd that a girls car isn't designed to take luggage, given the amount that women usually pack....

Son - why dont you pick up and drop off at airport - its nearly your neck of the woods isnt it??? :lol::lol::lol::lol: you can do a fare deal.

im 'fraid the MINI is only good for dirty weekends away in the UK.

I hear Audi do a nice range of chelsea tractors, can get lots in them apparantly.
i have to go from Harold Wood, Romford, Essex, Uk :)

£40-45 each way in a smash to Stansted from the wood.

We use Stansted quite a bit and never pay more than 45 for a sherbert and that's from Beverly Hills (Brentwood).

Can't any off your mates drop you up for a score or a something?