am booking on thursday and our friends have already booked up and are staying in a hotel near Kanya - can't remember what its called tho.

does anyone know the names of hotels in the same area???

help greatly appreciated in advance :)
The Blau Parc is the best hotel (4*) and is right next to Kanya, it has an amazing pool area (compared with anywhere else in San An)
Hotel Blau Park is where I'm staying from 3 aug till 14 aug.
if you want cheap but adequate, the orvay apartments are a couple of minutes walk - nice little rooftop pool!! ;)
we stayed in Es Cala apartments which were just round the corner form Kanya, but there is one pretty much right opposite Kanya too, but cant remember the name im afraid
thanx for that guys, will try my lucK at the travel agents tomorrow.
I pay 800 euro for 12 days at Blau Park,(with flight from holland)
Ibiza-girlie said:
Es Calo Playa is close, has a pool and air con! it´s supposedly an o.k place really!

We met some peeps staying there and they said it was awful, although that was about 3 years ago so they may have been done up since then.

The Club Paraiso apartments which are in the Thomson Freestyle brochure are supposed to be pretty good and are just about next to Kanya.
I'm staying at the Gran Sol early September, if anyone knows what it's like I'd appreciate you letting me know. Location seems superb and the pics on this site make it look good, but ya can't beat a review based on experience!!!!! :D :D
when do you go out? i'm staying there from the 23rd aug to the 5th sept so will post review when i come back - but it may already be too late if you are there before i get back!!!

i am sure some people on here must have stayed at the grand sol - lets have some goss on it!
I stayed at the Gran Sol in late June/early July, and was quite impressed considering it was quite cheap.

The rooms are quite nice, but dont have air conditioning, but I found that you didn't really need it as the rooms are quite cool anyway (well ours was) but you can hire fans. We had a fantastic view from our balcony aswel, which was a bonus.

All the staff are really friendly and helpful, the only complaint I have though is that the cleaners come round far too early. On our first day there they were knocking on our door at 9am, which was a bit annoying to say the least.

In my opinion the hotel is in a great location. Kanya and Kasbah are not even a minute away, with Coastline and Sunsea just round the corner. The other sunset bars are not too far away either. It is also far away enough from the West End, which isn't my cup of tea, but if it is yours then its about a 15 minute walk away.

I didnt really use much of the hotels facilities like the pool, tennis court, mini golf, bar etc etc, coz we didn't really spend too much time in the hotel. So cant give you too much a review on them, but everything looked fine.

I think the Gran Sol is great value for money, I will definately consider going back next year. 8)