Hotel Bellamar (San Antonio Bay)



Anyone stayed there, what is it like, website looks good.
Hi, We stayed here last September.Good place!Massive pool! It's quite a long way from San An town though. U gotta rely on the buses (which are ok) or taxis if u're about at night. Buses stop running about 11pm.
Have fun! Ann-Mari
Looked really nice, I met ones staying in it and they really liked it :D , it is a bit away from the night life but a bus or taxi will sort that out, hope you have a good time. :D

looks alright to me[/img]
We have Booked at the bellamar for a week Friday 27th August to Friday 3rd September

Really looking forward to it, apperantly the Bellamar is the only 4Star Hotel in San An, this will be our 3rd trip to Ibiza

Anybody any reports on the Bellamar from other years

Turbotrance :D
Ann-Mari said:
It's quite a long way from San An town though.

That's a perspective thing... it's walkable. (and it's quite a nice walk too-once you've learned how to deal with the lookie-lookies)

The best thing about staying in this area (I was down the road in the Ibizamar last year) is it's far enough away that if you want an early night :!: you can actually get some sleep.
I stayed at the Bellamar last year and will be staying again this year from Sat 7th Aug. Its gorgeous spotlessly clean, beautiful big rooms, air conditioning, great location, best hotel i have ever stayed in Ibiza and t've been going for 7 years. Let me know if you want anymore info :D
Me and MrsW stayed in the Bellamar in Jun/Jul and it is excellent.

The pool is lovely and theres a nice decking area for sunbathing with comfy sunbeds too. Only slight criticism here is that you get the little bar down on street level playing the most dire music all day long which can be heard all too clearly round by the pool - easily solved with the use of an i-pod/walkman

The hotel staff are friendly and efficient and speak good English (bloke on the desk called Jose I actually think is English as is particularly London sounding to me).

The decor of the hotel is very nice and the air conditioned lobby area is a welcome relief when coming in from a hot car! Our room was a superior room facing the sea and on a high floor which meant we got an excellent sunset view so no need to go to the strip if you cant be bothered.

The bathroom was large, entirely tiled with what looked like sealed limestone - very taseteful. Water pressure in this hotel is also good which is not true of all establishments. Some hotels I have stayed in its been like showering under a leaky tap but the Bellamar was very satisfactory which is important when removing beach sand!

The jacuzzi bath I didnt use, but it looked to be new and quite large (you might get 2 people in it if you aint too big).

All the corridors are carpeted, which means that you dont have to listen to every person clopping down the halls all night long. The doors on the rooms are also softly sprung too so you dont get woken in the middle of the night by careless drunks letting their doors slam shut either.

Rooms do have fridges but ours was fairly useless and i think you are meant to get a key to open them but ours opened easily. No matter as there is a small supermarket next to the hotel which sells cold drinks etc.

The rooms are air conditioned but the electrics (including air con) in every room only work when the key card is inserted into a slot just inside the door. This means the rooms - especially those facing the sea are very hot when you get in from the afternoon. You will be well advised to keep the curtains closed also when using the air con also as it isnt that powerful and the sun through the window will overpower any benefits gained. The air con will also turn off if the patio door is opened.

I found that it was an easy walk into San An if taken fairly leisurely and never got a cab or bus from the hotel when going out at night. Did get a couple on the way back though - largely bought on by bouts of lazyness induced by alcohol intake. I have stayed at the Monterrey and still walked in so I think I must just like walking.

I didnt try the food, as was never up for breakfast and was only on a B&B basis but have heard that it was quite adequate.

Hope that helps
very comphrensive review m8 we are staying from fri 27th august to fri 3rd sept 04 and really looking forward to it and its our third time in Ibiza :D
This was our 7th or 8th losing count.

Have stayed in several places but the Bellamar is by far the best (and most pricey). You get what you pay for I think.
I'm at the Bellamar in Jul, never been to Ibiza before. Chose the hotel coz heard so many good things about it, not that i'll be spending much time there!

the bellamar is just at the end of the promenade so it tkes me a brisk 10 min walk to the west end or 5 min walk to the main bars in the bay and the mei ling restaurant and amsterdam restaurant complex...dont forget to drop in the pink panther and say hi to me:lol: xx sue
5 min

its a five min walk on the same side just after buccanero and donnigans..and before big mei ling chineese... its pink you cant miss it :lol:
hey hudson, i take it ur the guy i have just messaged on another forum! this is the Pink Panther i am on about on the other forum. hope u find it im sure sue will look after u n the Mrs!