Hotel Apartmentos Monterrey in San Antonio - Any good?


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ApartHotel Formentera Es Caló Playa - Any good?

Me and my friend are heading over for a week in september and just wanted to know if anyone knew if these apartments are any good?

They're very cheap so not looking for too much. Just need to know if they're clean,have good enough air conditiong and if it is safe(i.e. we wont have to worry about our belongings being left in the apartment)

Want to get this booked ASAP so any feedback would be much apprectiated


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looking this hotel up.its got air con which is are not very good on some food/noise/rooms only clean twice in a week.if its the cheapest and really you only need to room to rest and change in.well take it.or try looking at a few more places.see if they are just a little bit more money for better hotel.but most now are gps group.
have stayed in the same area many times and the good thing about it is the location just off from the main beach on calo des moro, not far from the town, sunset strip etc. The place does look rundown and i considered going there before but the negative reviews put me off (especially about noise etc)

If location is key to you then i would stay there, if its luxury and comfort (including a good nights sleep), then maybes reconsider. there are quite a few 'cheap' accomodation places in the vincinity set a bit further back into the is your friend as is icelolly. :)