Hospital will start charging for the service now


Nick Gibbs (The Ibizan) says...

Overworked & Abused. And frankly a lot of it is our fault.
Have you ever been to Can Misses A&E? Even if not, chances are you've been to an A&E unit somewhere sometime. Can Misses is no different to most in many respects - it is a tough environment to choose to work in. But it is diferent in having an annual influx of non-native speaking absolute scumbags abusing their service and abusing them as individuals.
I have had the misfortune to have spent 2 overnights in Can Misses A&E in the last couple of years, one in the waiting area, one behind the scenes.
On both ocasions it was, I am very sorry to say, British tourists that presented by far the worst of the worst. From blatant attempts at scoring some gear to just downright disgusting drunken behaviour - I have never felt the need to say I am ashamed of our people in the way I have sitting in Can Misses.
This week a drugged up British bloke ends up assaulting several of the A&E staff - medical and support - and despite all temptation I would have had to let the twat run off, they got him back into the A&E while he continued to assault them, to continue his treatment. That is some kind of dedication right there.
So anyway, I was wondering if anybody else would be interested in joining me in offering them some form of thanks, some recognition that we are not all complete scumbags and that we value hugely the work that they do. Just a gesture of some flowers, tin of quality street and a thank you or some such. I thought it might be particularly welcome right now because of their press statement this week re staff shortages too. Who knows, one day you might be glad that a nurse thinks of the British community here in a more positive light.
If i get any response here I'll come up with a whip round method.

:arrow: Thank You to Can Misses Urgencias, from the British & Other Foreign Residents


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Not sure I understand - what's the supposed "scam" here??? Are the insurances promising treatment in private hospitals but then refusing to pay?