Hospital will start charging for the service now

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  1. Johnny Vodka

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    Nope, not joking. I think as a society we underestimate the social/medical costs of alcohol, and the tax on alcohol probably doesn't cover it. (I have no reason to doubt it's different in other countries.)

    New (French) study:

    That is a lot of dementia alcohol is responsible for. Without going into detail, I've seen the long term effects of alcohol on a relative and am really just coming to terms with the damage it can do. I'm not sure most people realise until they're hit with first hand experience.

    So I'm definitely for making sure tax on alcohol covers social/medical costs and the money is ring-fenced for that - in this country and in any other.
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  2. Kim Wrong Un

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    you're missing my point though. why should society foot the bill for people's lifestyle choices? seriously, if FGP had a car crash after forgetting to take a nap at Morillo or the 27 parties he went to before that, why I should pay 1 euro towards his rehabilitation?
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    Often thought that drinkers should have an insurance scheme, so that if you go out and consume (say) twice the legal driving limit and fall down some steps - or even have a non-alcohol related accident but you just happen to have had a few - then you are covered by that insurance. Amateur sports persons are covered either themselves or via a club, drivers, holidays have insurance, so why not annual insurance if you like a night out?

    And those not insured, sure they should be repaired BUT they can have the cost taken out their wages via tax the rest of their natural.Of course someone would have to decide if their accident was drink-related (ie you could have a heart attack in the pub, completely unrelated) and whether you are an innocent party such as you fell down the stairs because of a damp patch, not because you'd had a couple. But that happens daily for drivers to determine blame, even if courts get involved.

    But basically it might clarify things if your holiday insurance has an alcohol option to cover anyone having (arguably) more than a bottle of wine or 4 pints in a 24 hr period! But even so they should still have to pay a whopping excess if they need treatment.

    On the down side - more work for no-win no-fee solicitors; fell over after a gallon of San Miguel? Think it wasn't drink related? Ring....
  4. Johnny Vodka

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    I'm not missing your point at all. I just think tax should be paid on 'vice' at source (because I do believe in NHS style services - e.g. free treatment when you need it). If you only drink one bottle of wine a week, the tax you pay might be a big % of the cost of the wine but really not that much overall, so I don't understand why you'd have much cause for complaint. If you're drinking three bottles of wine a week, there's a good chance your vice could increase your risk of cancer, dementia or any other number of illnesses - it's not just about accidents/overdoses. If the price of alcohol reflected the true cost to society, it might make those plebs who get drunk and cause trouble think a little more about the amount they consume. ;)
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  5. Ten Incher

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    Is it the same for other substances misused?
  6. heavanisibiza

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    As in harm to self and others? Alcohol wins hands down as the worst. If alcohol were a new drug it would definitely be a class A and be looked upon like smack.
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    I mean a charge at hospital
  8. heavanisibiza

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    No idea . Probably least of your worries if you’re on a stretcher foaming at the mouth and a heart like a budgie after overdoing on the chemicals.
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  9. Johnny Vodka

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    Legalise and tax.
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  10. Ten Incher

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    I'm not suggesting that alcohol doesn't have more of a cost, but there has been little reference to drugs within the thread. The article clearly says Drugs and Drink, so im just throwing it in the mix.

    I wasn't be sarcastic, so why reply as such?
  11. heavanisibiza

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    I’m really not being sarcastic. I said i had no idea but it would be the least of your worries if you’re unfortunate enough to end up needing medical help because of gluttony.
  12. Padster

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    I think it's a difficult one and not easily solved. How do you differentiate between someone who has had a few then been clouted by a hit and run driver and just left in the gutter or someone who has got drunk, fallen over and smacked their head and broken their arm for example? We've ALL gone out in Ibiza, even the locals, with the intention of just having a few drinks, bumped into some mates and ended up rolling back at 6am much the worse for wear. It happens. But should people be penalised for it? That said, people who've been injured playing drunken silly buggers, jumping off walls and hurting themselves or giving piggy-back rides and falling over should be charged. But to me it's even more irresponsible to go out on a scooter having never ridden one before, wearing flip flops, shorts and t-shirt and then expect free medical treatment when they come off. To me that is nothing short of CRIMINAL stupidity that could have resulted in others being hurt, seriously injured or even killed. So where do you draw the line? And who decides whether you're drunk or not? What's the difference between 3 or 4 glasses of wine followed by a couple of glasses of Hierbas with a meal or half a dozen bottles of beer? Are they going to beathalyse people or is it going to come down to an arbitary decision made by medical staff who may have had a long and difficult shift anyway and are completely fed up as it is? I personally think there are too many variables in this situation because there are too many rights and wrongs to be taken into consideration.
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  13. CasaNegron

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    damn man.... even piggy back rides!?! You are a hard man! :lol:
  14. Padster

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    Utter b*stard, that's me :twisted::lol::lol::lol:
  15. Kim Wrong Un

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    You make some good points. I guess i just hate people taking the piss out of the system when it’s already stretched
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  16. Tres Esquinas

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    Fantastic idea, if you end up needing hospital treatment as you cant handle your ale, then you deserve to pay the price.
  17. Kline

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    Even though we have common health cards in the EU each nation have different rules on this.

    In my nation this treatment for any kind of drug or alcohol inflicted health concern is covered 100% by the state. Its covered up to the amount of the cost in a nation in this case Spain which is actually lower than my own nation.

    So any bill for either treatment or medicine on the individual hospital will be covered by the state in my nation. The only thing private insurance would cover is flying home but there is no reason to do that at all since there is healthcare in Spain. The individual Ibizan won't pay a cent in the end for my stay.

    --- Om du är en svensk medborgare på besök i Spanien/Ibiza och får hälsoproblem oavsett orsak sök medicinsk hjälp omedelbart och spara alla kvitton ---

    You need to check with your own legislation. The UK is also leaving the EU soon so i have no idea what happens legally then.
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  19. Moondust

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    Me and the Mrs where in a serious car accident 5 years ago on ibiza. We spent 4 days in Policlinica Del Rosario where i had an operation to pin my leg together. I couldn't speak highly enough of the staff, Nurses and Surgeons who took care of us. I wouldn't hesitate in a heartbeat to pay for any treatments as the work they do and the conditions they have to work under with the amount of retards they have to endure is way more worthy than a fee for your treatment.

    As for that pratt in the above post i really do despair.
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