hip-hop, rnb in ibiza??



Hi, i have never been to ibiza before and am staying for 2 weeks in figueretas. Are there any clubs that play hip hop, rnb and more urban music. Thanks for any help
Tim Westwood was at PACHA when i was there in June - not sure if he is there all season.

Privelege had an R&B Hip hop room with live MCs as well when i was there- can't remember the night.

Dont go to Cyprus... just cos you like R&B and Hip Hop doesnt mean you can't enjoy Ibiza. I'm a soulboy but i've been converted to the House scene by this summer in Ibiza....Well at least when i'm there.
MARKB said:
Tim Westwood was at PACHA when i was there in June -

I was there in July and once or twice a week Pacha had hip hop/rNb in a side room. You can always get some soulful funk in the Funky room at Paca.
otherwise go to es pardis on thursdays for twice as nice or soul city in the west end hear twice as nice is quite a success
Try these out mate...i was there in July and although i am not hip hops biggest fan i found them to be wicked:

Soul City - (san antonio) plays nothing but rnb and hip hop
Summun - They have garage heaven on a tuesdays i think it is.
Es Paradis - They host twice as nice on thursday nights,djs shortee blitz

Hope that helps
the back room at pacha on tues or wednesday has r&b, just make sure you also see some of the main roon, you might even like it..
My point: the music is complete and utter sh*te ! When it's played in a club over here it's like the fun is sucked out of the room and people stop dancing. So keep it away from Ibiza :evil: .
yeah, probably.

Seeing Urban Music as the so solid crew and nelly and gold and guns is as valid as seeing house / dance music as Scooter etc.

I see the two as complimenting each other. I enjoy both and they both influence each other like it or not.

I'm not going to labour the point, I can't be arsed if you can't grasp it.
It seems to me you lack respect of other people's opinions. You must be a very frustrated person, but hey, no offence ;) newbie.

I wanted you to expand on your opinion as anyone following this thread would see:

i'm very frustrated person? - a bit, yeah

But just by your blatant ignorance. And you're obviously not intellegent enough to clarify your answers without sex and the city style "whatevers"
and cheap shots.