Hidden Rooms in clubs?


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Keep hearin bout this 'Funky Room' in Pacha- which u need a password for apparently! Any truth to this rumour? These 'secret' rooms common in clubs now?
Lol, funky room in Pacha is open for anyone to get in, up the stairs behind the DJ box if i remember right! Or you can get down to it from the roof terrace.
its called the global room
it has lots of tiers to it so its like a wall of dancing people
gets hot and sweaty in there though.
cheers N8, ill have to check that out. Ive prob been in before! Must look for it before getting mashed this year!
DFunk- I thought the global room was the one on the right as you come in?

Cant be if N8 is right?! oooh, Im all confused :confused:
yeah thats it its the same one, just b4 the main room b4 the dj booth. On the other side of the room there is stairs to the terrace up top.
There is the Global room on the right as you come in, stairs in that upto terrace.

There is also the Funky room. This has an entrance from the stairs next to dj box (maybe wrong) and a door at the back that leads to a kinda little landing with stairs going down to restaurant, and stairs going up to the left to the terrace.
I think ive been in there but there isn't a DJ playing in there, its just the sound from the main room but a bit quieter.
Maybe they dont have a DJ in there every night? They did do last year for Subliminal and DefMix nights.......lol, i always end up lost in Pacha :lol:
There is a DJ playing in the funky room, but he's in a dark corner and it's normally so busy in there you wouldn't be able to see him. The rooms run by some guy who has loads of mad outfit's all on the lines of a big coat and a huge hat. Think his name's Vaughn!?!? Had some great times in that room, just wish it didn't get so packed.

nish said:
i think im gonna have to get someone to show me!

Best thing to do is get there when it opens, and have a really good look/nosey round,find out where everything is, then go to the outside terrace for a couple of hours and chill, meet people and have some wine/champagne :D
nice idea mate. wine/champagne in Pacha tho- ill prob be washing the dishes for a decade to settle the bill! lol
nice tip! Cheers! :)

Never quite got why in Ibiza certain bars in clubs are cheaper than others -in the same club! -Think theres a spanish bar in Space which is cheaper than the other bars in space as well!
The bar to the left as you go into Space has the rudest staff in the club (and that's saying something) It may be cheaper but it's nearly impossible to get served there.
there is a hidden room in privilege , do you know the room where there are big crystal walls where you can see ibiza ? there are a round stairs going up to the roof .. up there they do bad things ! 8)