Help with Name for Racehorse

Dan x

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Blocko Beauty

We Love Rundays

Is DC10 Going To Be Open This Monday

Bacially the thread ended as a competition with Olly's Balearic Beauty spot of genius, so, in case you run this by your partner and they roll their eyes and say "FFS, you're in your 30's, and you've only been there on holiday half a dozen times, not everything has to revolve around Ibiza y'know. IYou promised this sh1t would stop when we named our second daughter Eden....", here's a couple of other suggestions:

Im Only In It for The K

Sarah Jessica Parker

I don't know if any of these are already taken, I'd be surprised if the latter isn't tbh, in which case see if you can go with something witty like Mrs Broderick or Candic Bushell.

vodka jon

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Suppose you are right about Es Vedra.

Baleric Beat and Evissia best so far??

Can misses is a Hospital....would never get a jockey to ride it.:lol:

trouble with evissia is that everybody would think you are promoting the beauty salon in hollyoaks !!


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do people still watch Hollyoaks ???

Yes I agree. Evissia may not suit.......

Balearic Beat, We Love Rundays and Some Horse are the front runners.

Also like The Dark Knight....

feel free to suggest non-ibiza names also if they are good...


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Alliwannadoisbiggirls... biggirls?
(probably not ideal in a rush to get the horses name written down with 20secs to go before the off... although would be nice to hear Jim McGrath try and get that out in a tight finish).

Ibiza Rocks?
Lookie Lookie?


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How about 'My Face'???

So when the horse is involved in a tight finish the whole place will be screaming 'Come On My Face'!!!