has anybody been to the carwash/foam parties in ibiza



hi there

Has any of you guys been to the carwash/foam parties in ibiza as these werent around when i went in 99 and me and my mates cant decided wether to go to one in case theyre rubbish and we waste valuable drinking money!!!!!!
all depends, i reckon being knee deep in foam is not my idea of heaven!

but imagine a load of you and yoru mates off ya face drunk knee deep in foam!

all depend really

dont wear good clothes!
8) .... last year we went to the amnesia one and had a bblast!!. i think you´ll do just fine. nice girls and guys too
my bf went on one years ago & said it ruined his clothes & gave him a rash. They're also supposed to be dangerous, i.e people getting crushed! :x
Is there a foam party at Es Paradise this year!??? Im up for one as Iv never been!!!that and a water party! I wish to try everything in life at least once!!! I fly out the coming Wednesday any advice? Iv already been talked into the dj sammy water party on the following tueday by my friend thats out on the island at the same time!Any good? any tips? Clothing/footwear etc? Iv been warned against heals and swimwear!?
not done carwash

i have not done carwash. as of yet. not my taste in music,
but the faom party's in ibiza are the best in the world. their are no better
edan has one es paradis ahs one as part of the fiest da agua. and amnesia has one.

either way the are worth the experiance.
yeh i know i went to a couple last time i was in ibiza and loved them
foam/water parties = my idea of hell

neva understood the need for them
prog_babe said:
foam/water parties = my idea of hell

neva understood the need for them

Mine too! I was forced to go to one when I was in Majorca. I didn't go under the foam tho, just stood at the side as I get claustrophobic. I don't really see the point of it! Maybe I'm just an old fart! I saw some guy choking on the foam and spitting up blood. Good tip - do not breathe when you are under the foam!!!!
What about the Amnesia one? How much would this night cost and which music will they be playing?
I'm guessing it's not so expensive as Cream@Amnesia?