Guilty Pleasures?


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Have always had a very guilty pleasure for clubland/Wigan pier type tunes. Can’t beat a bit of ultrabeat every now and again!


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Well, as it was recently posted in another thread already, I do admit I freakin love this song:

Don't judge!!!!

Also - really anything by the Gypsy Kings...

And finally, these 3 gems

Obviously, this is ALL over the place. Didn't really know where even to begin, let alone where to end. So many memories... :)
Stupid YouTube kept suggesting songs on the right hand bar with which I just could have kept on going...


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Da Hool is a tune. No guilt to feel there....
Personally, I think they're all tunes. :)
It all comes down to taste, doesn't it? I just think if any of these tunes were to be played at a party today (not classified as "retro" or 80s/90s) everyone would find it at least a little cheesy. In the end, that was kind of the criteria I applied here.
Don't get me wrong, I would dance my ass off to any and all of them... ;-)