goodness gracious me. ibiza is dead!


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You are right Mick, I was there during the afternoon and I left at 8pm.
However I finded nice cause you have plenty of space for dancing!


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I've been for the last three years and each time has been better than the last.

This summer I went in mid-July and had such a good time that coming home was a serious wrench, as it was for the friends I went with and the people we met out there. Mournful "wish we were still there" texts flew around Europe for weeks after.

I didn't set foot in San An once, being an Ibiza Town snob if I'm honest, so I can't comment on what it was like over there.

But Bora Bora was packed every time I went, although it seemed to get busy a bit later than in previous years. La Troya was rammed and the atmosphere excellent as usual. God I love Amnesia.
And DC10 was simply brilliant - the second time I went on the holiday was one of those unforgettable experiences where everything came together. The music, the vibe, the friends I was with, the people we met, etc ...

DC10 is worth every cent. But I guess I was slightly insulated from the door prices problem because of getting free entry armbands to most of the parties I went to - mainly for Space and Penelope, which I ended up going to three times, at least partly for that reason. It's a cool club in a glammy sort of a way, though not the sort of place I'd hang out in at home.

What I hope is that a mutually beneficial balance can be found between the interests of local businesses and workers, the part of the Ibiza tourist industry that caters to families and the house enthusiasts who go because it is still the best place in the world to hear the music they love in a beautiful setting surrounded by top quality eye candy (with the tantalising prospect of getting lucky with some of said confectionery).

For that to happen I think those of us who see ourselves as "real" clubbers as opposed to beer boys will have to accept it will cost more than it used to. Or find somewhere cheaper, reachable by easyJet and Ryanair, with good beaches and fewer noise restrictions on open air parties. (Croatia?)

The scene will probably shrink, which I don't see as a bad thing. Dance music being written off in Britain. for example, is entirely a good thing - now it's for the enthusiasts and the quality of the music is higher compared with four or five years ago. Productions are generally better thanks to improved technology and the acid/electro vibe is light years ahead of the whole Glitterati era glam stuff. Incidentally, if the media were right about the death of dance, why was SW4 full to the brim last Saturday?

And if heavy metal can make a comeback, for goodness sake, a house "revival" can only be a maximum of five years away.


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stephen said:
from the statesman - india.
The party’s over in Ibiza

Stephen Khan
LONDON, Aug. 13. — Rows of grubby pedallos lie untouched on the grey beach. Around them a few scarlet bodies cluster in small groups, puffing on cigarettes and reading the British red-top newspapers. Across a wide, open, promenade are the tables and chairs of dozens of restaurants and bars that once provided the launch pad for tourists’ evenings of excess. They’re empty.
A barman sighs. He never thought things could get this bad. For the first time, he’s decided not to bother opening for the evening. Some of his neighbours won’t be opening again.
If the weather wasn’t so good and the architecture so bad you could be in a grotty seaside town back home. There is a uniquely depressing atmosphere about a coastal resort on the wane; a sense of childhood dreams that have faded without being fulfilled; a foreboding that worse is to come; a feeling that time has passed you by. And this place has it in bucket-and-spade loads.
Perhaps it is the vast canyons of grey concrete that once adorned the pages of glossy brochures at the start of the package holiday boom. Perhaps it is the glum looks on little faces as ice-cream melts down burnt arms on to new football strips. Or perhaps it’s their parents, who sulk, bicker, then sulk again.
Whatever it is, this place just makes you want to sit down on an abandoned sun lounger (the days of tossing aside a German’s towel to grab the last one have long gone) and weep. It really shouldn’t be like this. For it is August, and, incredibly, this is Ibiza.
Tonight Radio 1’s DJs will roll in and proclaim that it’s showtime. Magazines and club nights elsewhere will join in as the White Isle celebrates a decade of dance. For 10 years, Ibiza has been the hedonistic hot spot. Countless documentaries may have highlighted the sex, booze and drugs, but a feelgood factor spread across the island and made a fortune for hoteliers, small businesses and promoters. It became the undisputed global summer party HQ.
Clubs such as Pacha, Amnesia and Space are now known throughout the world as brands as well as cathedrals of sound. And from the pulpits of these vast establishments, men and women who would once have been regarded as rather good at playing records have become international megastars. Yet behind this riot of colour and noise, a tourism crisis is taking root.
Resorts that once provided dance music’s disciples with a place to stay for their two weeks of madness are now in a desperate state. Even in the peak summer months, hotels and bars in what was a cradle of the package holiday boom are empty. Rising prices and images of drunk, drugged, sex-crazed youths have taken their toll. The Independent
What a gimp!!
Reading all this I have almost come to terms with the fact that I couldn't afford to go this year. Almost.

Like someone said earlier: thrashy/glammy Italians and snobby Spaniards really did hurt the atmos in 2004. Thrashy Brits I've gotten used to by now. ;)


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my girlfriend just got back yesterday, said SPACE was totally awful, got there at tea-time, and it was STILL EMPTY, said the atmosphere was rubbish, and was basically a complete waste of money...


she said DC10 was OFF-THE-HOOK, and made the whole trip worthile...

out there in 2 weeks, seriously thinking of giving space a miss, and I never thought i'd find myself saying that..... :cry: :cry: :cry:


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is there a dr. in the house?

let us know the exact date your girlie was in space and our spotlight medicine man will post some photographic evidence to show that it was full!!

Dr Mick

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stephen said:
is there a dr. in the house?

let us know the exact date your girlie was in space and our spotlight medicine man will post some photographic evidence to show that it was full!!
Can't help you there sorry. I didn't arrive till later.


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stephen said:
is there a dr. in the house?

let us know the exact date your girlie was in space and our spotlight medicine man will post some photographic evidence to show that it was full!!
she arrived there about 6ish, said it was very empty and zero atmosphere, this is EXACTLY the time we got there last year, when lawler was boshing our blue monday and blackwater on the terrace, every hand was in the air and you couldn't move....

believe me, I'm not one of these negative moaney clubbers "not as good as it used to be etc", but basically thats what everyones being telling me (about space anyway) DC10 still seems to be doing the business, so it's not all bad....

out there in 2 weeks time and looking forward to it much, much less than i normally do.....

which probably means i'll have the best time ever!!!! ;)