goodness gracious me. ibiza is dead!


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from the statesman - india.
The party’s over in Ibiza

Stephen Khan
LONDON, Aug. 13. — Rows of grubby pedallos lie untouched on the grey beach. Around them a few scarlet bodies cluster in small groups, puffing on cigarettes and reading the British red-top newspapers. Across a wide, open, promenade are the tables and chairs of dozens of restaurants and bars that once provided the launch pad for tourists’ evenings of excess. They’re empty.
A barman sighs. He never thought things could get this bad. For the first time, he’s decided not to bother opening for the evening. Some of his neighbours won’t be opening again.
If the weather wasn’t so good and the architecture so bad you could be in a grotty seaside town back home. There is a uniquely depressing atmosphere about a coastal resort on the wane; a sense of childhood dreams that have faded without being fulfilled; a foreboding that worse is to come; a feeling that time has passed you by. And this place has it in bucket-and-spade loads.
Perhaps it is the vast canyons of grey concrete that once adorned the pages of glossy brochures at the start of the package holiday boom. Perhaps it is the glum looks on little faces as ice-cream melts down burnt arms on to new football strips. Or perhaps it’s their parents, who sulk, bicker, then sulk again.
Whatever it is, this place just makes you want to sit down on an abandoned sun lounger (the days of tossing aside a German’s towel to grab the last one have long gone) and weep. It really shouldn’t be like this. For it is August, and, incredibly, this is Ibiza.
Tonight Radio 1’s DJs will roll in and proclaim that it’s showtime. Magazines and club nights elsewhere will join in as the White Isle celebrates a decade of dance. For 10 years, Ibiza has been the hedonistic hot spot. Countless documentaries may have highlighted the sex, booze and drugs, but a feelgood factor spread across the island and made a fortune for hoteliers, small businesses and promoters. It became the undisputed global summer party HQ.
Clubs such as Pacha, Amnesia and Space are now known throughout the world as brands as well as cathedrals of sound. And from the pulpits of these vast establishments, men and women who would once have been regarded as rather good at playing records have become international megastars. Yet behind this riot of colour and noise, a tourism crisis is taking root.
Resorts that once provided dance music’s disciples with a place to stay for their two weeks of madness are now in a desperate state. Even in the peak summer months, hotels and bars in what was a cradle of the package holiday boom are empty. Rising prices and images of drunk, drugged, sex-crazed youths have taken their toll. The Independent

Dr Mick

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Morbyd said:
Do people that write these articles go to the same island that we do? :rolleyes:
That's what I'm wondering.

I can understand if people don't like Ibiza, but to say that no-one's there is bizarre.


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yet another journalist tyring to write of ibiza :rolleyes: Every year people try and do this. Every year i go its just as good if not better than the rest.


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He has to be taking the piss. Does he really think people go to Ibiza and have the best time of their lives because the place is dead and no one goes any more :confused:


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did you know that this year between april and june there where 1 million less overnight stays made than a mere 4 years ago in the same period?


stephen said:
did you know that this year between april and june there where 1 million less overnight stays made than a mere 4 years ago in the same period?
Probably because of people doubling up in hotel rooms to save money for the clubs :lol:


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Ive noticed it's gone well quiet and alot of the bar owners are saying the same that I spoke to in June this year.

One geezer reckons 50% down 2 years on the spin. :eek:


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I dont like reading articles like this, cos when i think of Ibiza i always like to think of LOTS of happy people having great holidays - whether they are clubbers or not. Its surely better for the island if more holidaymakers come too, and I want the island to thrive!

Any opinions on why numbres are so down? bad press like the drugs documentary on bbc some months back? rising prices?

Speaking from personal experience I know more people than ever who have been this year. A hell of a lot of people I know have gone this year, whereas over the last few years the same people have been split between many different places. Other people I speak to in liverpool have said the same too.


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I just returned from two and a half weeks in Ibiza and I agree partially with what is said in the article.
In some ways, Ibiza was alot quieter this year than previous years. But what is happening to Ibiza is that it is becoming more upmarket. It is probably true that cheap San Antonio and Playa d'en Bossa hotels are feeling a slump, but how do you explain all the new ritzy boutique 'agro-tourism' hotels that just seem to be sprouting up all over the island. I went to Space three times and each time it was relatively quiet compared to previous years. With the new terrace, things don't really seem to get underway until 10 pm instead of 5 pm in years gone by. The chic expensive restaurants remain difficult to book a table and are swarming with people - cheap ones in San Antonio are having a more difficult time.
One thing however is I truly hope Ibiza doesn't become Saint Tropez!

Dirk Bigler

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They are taking the piss with the prices in Ibiza and unless they start giving back some kind of value for money, they crowds will disapear.

I used to be able to go twice in a year, no problem. Go clubbing 5 - 6 times and eat out every day.

Went last year, went clubbing three times (big nights!) and went out every night for a meal in between. Drove round the island, went to Formentera and stayed at Coastline. Cost me more than two weeks all inclusive in Barbados the year before!

I am older now and cant do Ibiza in some grubby 18-30 apartment and like the luxuries of life, but when it costs more than traveling 1/2 way round the world, they are having a laugh.

I went to Tenerife for a week at the begining of last year and the prices are so much cheaper than Ibiza - so is the rest of Spain! They are just taking the piss and the crowds will continue to disapear.

It's a shame. :cry: I will still be back, but others must realise you can get so much more for your money elsewhere (obviously not the clubs and Cafe Del Mar!)


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Dirk Bigler said:
They are taking the piss with the prices in Ibiza and unless they start giving back some kind of value for money, they crowds will disapear
Supply & Demand Dirk. Dont you think if businesses/clubs/restaurants werent pulling in the people then they would adjust their prices?