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Whilst I have yet to experience it in Ibiza (I will in very early June) i have used the company before in Spain and Portugal. not only offer a good rate but also all cars come with CDW and if your hire is less than 3 days you get your money back for the fuel if you return it full.
Airport only pick up though but if they provide the same service as the mainland , definately worth a punt.
Doyouspain also do something similar, with this company you dont have to pay anything until you arrive and there are no charges if you decided to cancel regardless of how late you do that, you can even book without giving any credit card details:)
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cdw excess

Hi I notice you say CDW included make sure it covers for what you want or you could consider upgarding to full this Covers the Excess on damage to the rental vehicle including the undercarriage, windows, roof and tyres.Also covers the Excess charged in the event of Theft. as these are not covered on most CDW claims , and exess ranges from 300 Euro to well could be any sum
but dont do it with the car hire people do it through or
as these work out cheaper for a Annual multi-trip rate (max 31 days per rental agreement ) so say you hire a car for 14 days and go on hols twice a year it works out cheaper to do yearly

hope you have a nice holiday and dont need to claim
I used economy last year and they were good. The company they actually subbed from was Hiper and they picked us up from the airport and drove us a short distance to the depot.

As you mentioned we chose them because of "Fully inclusive car hire with no insurance excess, unlimited mileage and FREE additional driver. Pay
nothing in the event of theft or damage!" Which is not a bad deal tbh!

Lucky we didnt have to initiate any of that but we will be using them again this year.

carjet for me

Alot of the companies are off airport so you have to meet them in car car park by a certain bay

I had a very bad experience with Carjet in Alicante a few years ago, the car was dirty, inside and out, no parcel shelf, and when we had a puncture we found there was no wheel brace or hi vis vests in the car (required by law). The company didn't want to know despite me making a song and dance about it. Always check the car before you drive it away.
i had a bad experience also with carjet in ibiza in 2003....hiper tried to charge me £500 for damage after i hit a rock even though my insurance was fully inclusive..i refused to pay they refused to give me the car for my remainder rental ....
used avis in may last year and got a free upgrade ...and amigo in aug who rented me a 8 seater people carrier for 315e through bk when bk's own rates stated 600e......bargain
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I got a hire car through Doyouspain a couple of years ago,and even with the extra insurance I still had to pay when the window was smashed, as glass wasn't covered.

Was a very good price though, around £100 for 9 days.

(The window cost me an extra 80 euros.)
Anyone else used DoYouSpain? They are terrible at getting back to e-mails and I have a feeling they could be a little bit annoying with additional costs on arrival....

Also, whats it like driving in Ibiza?
Doyouspain do charge extra hidden fees on arrival.

You have to pay for a full tank of petrol on arrival.

You also have to pay for car parking at the airport.

If you arrive after office hours or late at night its a €25 pick up fee.

Also if you drop it back outside of office hours its a €25 drop off fee.
the problem is youve left it quite late to book for summer now, I booked mine back in january for my end of July break, then it cost €117 which i thought was a lot for 7 days, now its €240 for the same period, likewise i booked for the the end of august at the same time for two weeks and the cost between when i booked it an now is an extra €200

ive used carjet, and doyouspain a few times, its nonsense about doyouspain charging for parking at the airport and late pick up fees outside normal office hours is quite common as is paying for a full tank of fuel in advance.:) the good thing about doyouspain is that you dont pay anything in advance, you dont even have to give your credit card details, this could work to your advantage when the prices are in euros if the exchange goes up between when you book and when you pick the car up.

there is another thread on this forum on carhire, have a look!
used carjet a couple of times and then doyouspain a few times.........never had a bad experience once.

no hidden charges (it clearly states what the extras are when you book)

the last two times with doyouspain, i was even able to change the car rental firm from hiper-rent to centauro, because i didn't want to have to get a bus over the road and preferred just getting the car from the multi storey in walking distance.

centauro lost their contract at the airport though, so they bus you to a place not far from the airport.

also, always hear bad thing about hiper-rent, but in 4 or 5 times using them, always found them helpful and fair, albeit they could maybe do with another person at times.