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this point was raised on another site i visited recently

it seems a lot of people want to go out and find work in ibiza, in either mid april to beginnig may.

it would also seem that a lot us will be going on our own.

so why not a group of us, the more the merrier go all out toghter, to help each other and give support.

if ur interested post a reply or pm me.
Majic happens


Name is Shiree and I am a aussie chick that is going to Ibiza in the first week of May and sure why not-the more the merrier!!!
Im 24 and its going to be my first Ibiza experience....I hope I make it ;)
Im soooo easygoing and love to party and am going to a place where you dont hear guys n girls its time to call it a night...Thats my kind of party!
I am looking for a place to stay as well and am looking for people to share with...
Counting down the days-packed and ready to go!
Hello there,
I just thought I'd send you a quick message after noticing yours re; travelling over to Ibiza on your own. I'm an Australian girl who's travelling over to Ibiza this year to work for the summer. The only thing is, I'm travelling on my own! While this scares me a little bit (hehe) I'm not going to let that be the reason why I don't go. Anyway, I just wanted to maybe chat/type with you and suss out what your plans are. Only to help me figure out what I'm doing!!! I'm not asking or suggesting anything here but rather just trying to make my life a little easier! I figure, as you did, that there will be quite a few other people in the same position as us which could quite possibly make it easier if we get our shit sorted!

Anyway, you can email me @: kbardsley@mullinars.com.au
Will be doing the same next summer, so keep me updated!!!
maybe next summer

hopefully next year maybe depend on commitments
Hi all i will meet up wiv anyone! :) tis my 4th yr workin out there and im leavin on may 2nd!! so PM me or leave messages here when ya all know when ya goin!! perhaps we could arrange some sort of meet-up at a well known bar on a certain date/time so we can all meet each other?? :D
Friendly Yorkshire looking for company

Hi there! :D

I'm flying out on the 2nd May, staying in San An and I'm all on my own if anyone wants to meet up who can party all night/day giz a reply and lets meet up.
We r coming 2

Hi all, :p

Me and my best mate Vicky are on our way out to ibiza Mid may, sounds like a good idea meetin up with a few others who are in the same boat! Were taking a package holiday for the first 2 weeks and just aint goin home, so anyone who is desperate for accomodation when they get there could always take our appartment floor! If everyone here keeps in touch we should be sorted. I'll be taking my mobile with me so if ya get there and fancy meetin up give me a bell 00447779570493. Anyone else takin a mobile and dont mind puttin your number on here, do so and we'll give ya a bell when we get there!

speak soon, :lol:

tis gonna be the bestt summer yet!

hey peeps, im a 21 yr old lad, who been to ibiza a couple of timebefore, but never to work, im plannin on headin out there bout the 25th of may, but by the sounds of it, i might be a bit late, cos all you guys will ahve snapped up the jobs :cry:
got to wait for me mate im goin with to finish his exams before we can go, which is a blag!

but its gonna be amazin!

if anyone knows how you get to rent an apartment or any other useful tips, please let me know, cheers

good luck one and all

nicky boy
I wanna go! I WANNA GO!!

I'm 22, travelling from Hampshire (Gatwick or Heathrow), all by myself.
I was gonna go at the beginnning of June, but you lot will have got all the jobs by then, so I hope to have the money by mid-may.
REALLY want to meet other people in he same boat, and I think the idea of us all meeting up in a bar over there is a grand one!
I've never been to the promised land you all speak of, but I dance in a couple of clubs over here, so I thought maybe I could do that, or barwork.

will be back online tomorrow (and the day after, and the day after...) to see whats goin' on.

hi all,

i also will travel alone to ibiza, and look for a job. it would be nice to meet people over there who are looking for a job also, and fun if i can travel with someone. im a 32 year old guy from holland, and easy to get along with

and yes i say no to the war against iraq, everyone should love each other and have fun.

me too me too
although not gonna get out there till july 1st (damn months notice at job)
wanna go till mid sep
on my own, so def interested in meeting up with people!

let me know
dancing gal, how u doing????
It's easy to meet people in Ibiza. When I travelled solo I usally went to the beach in the day and joined in on a volleyball game or whatever sports were being played. Or hang out at Bora Bora and you'll definitely meet some very INTERSTING people. Summer 2003, I'm going with my travel buddy from last summer for the month of July.
all i need now is a ticket.

can't wait to get there, does anyone no where to get the cheapest flights though from the UK?
Out from 11 May for the summer

Hi Everyone!

I've decided to take the plunge and dash to the while isle for the whole summer. Can't wait!

I'll arrive out there on the 11th May, so not long to go now.

Just hoping to find some others that are gonna be out there that early? Anyone crazy enough to take me up on the offer of a night out?? think you can live to tell the tale?

Send me a message and I'll send you my number so we can meet up!

Hope to hear from you soon!
good to hear

BrownEyedTrouble said:
Will be doing the same next summer, so keep me updated!!!
8) so good to hear a lot of people is in the same situation as I am. will probably arrive at Ibiza on monday. i'm deffinitly interested in sharin' a flat with some likeminded. I'm looking for a job as a bartender and will stay as long as there is people arround. see ya arround. // Hans the swuede!
Well I am not planning on going out alone or working out there (wish I could but I cant) but if anyone wants a friendly face to say hi then give me a holler and I will give you a shout while I am out there! :D
Arriving in June


Coming in June, the date being dependant on the lease on my flat in Madrid, but will be coming alone and could do with some friendly faces for a bit of mutual support.

Never worked in Ibiza but having just graduated after 5 years of hel(l) I really fancy an entire summer of fun in the sun.

Really looking forward to partying to the max in yet another exotic location!

Buzz me if you are going to Ibiza via Madrid or are from Glasgow or want to meet up.