Getting to/from Ibiza latest info


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From the UK;

A week's notice (planned) is fine for those of us who are flexible, but awful for those who have to book time off work and those with schoolkids who want to get away quickly. Also mentions expensive tests which have to be taken prior and after the trip. Also that Spain is not due immediately to go on a "green" list, although vaccinations are now at pace in Spain. Portugal is expected to be"green".

Looks like they won't single out individual islands such as Ibiza.

No mention whether those vaccinated and have the details on the NHS/mygp app (a right palava to download and get your info on) will need these tests or not.
So as May 17th looms, very little to encourage us in the UK to travel in early summer.

Good news though is Ryanair (and possibly other airlines) have planes and staff "on standby" - not sure how much notice they ned to book slots and fly. I suppose the airways are very quiet now, as opposed to a normal spring where slots would be difficult to find.
Literally every article I read says something different. In regards to which country is likely to be what colour, whether the islands will be assessed different from the mainland etc

The good news, if you call it that, is that the price of tests is already reducing and apparently more providers coming on board with cheaper tests.
I'm booked for September but getting the itch bad..... What do people think the odds are for the island being green by mid July?

Hope all is good for everyone
Same here mate, had a good few days in my garden in the sunshine the other week with the music on while I was building a fence and I was getting that Ibiza feeling taking over me 😃

Me and the missus allowed ourselves to have a look at the flights and hotel options for Ibiza in August, and the prices and availability look alright for us at the minute.

I’m just wondering if that might change over the coming weeks with announcements for travel etc.

I’m hoping the prices don’t go up to crazily.

Suppose it’s all a bit of a waiting game to see what the craic is in the next few weeks.
Oh god you are making we want to go earlier now!

Yes I suppose it is a waiting game, hard to wait when you are impatient like us

I was dancing drunk in my living room closing my eyes thinking about being in ibiza ha

Mid July to August maybe a good time to go
Downloaded the NHS app yesterday also, not the Covid edition, which shows whether you've had the jab or I guess where it will show whether you've had a test result recently.

Hopefully this will speed things up if you need it for travelling, only took a few minute and shows the date of jab etc
No matter how much I'm desperate to go; I'm holding off the "pay" button, as alluded to before been stung too much before.

Also extremely worried about the length of time it's taking to get back into this country via immigration; stuck in queues for hours @ Heathrow - and that's with extremely limited travel. Not convinced the regional airports will be any better as customs and immigration is provided everywhere by the Home Office?

So if anything is available June/July/August, for me I'll be looking for the near continent, probably eurostar, while things settle down. Few beers in belgium, walks around Luxembourg etc would be nice, and see what September brings.
Cracking idea for a thread this all things considered - be good if any updates could be pinned/linked to in the first post.

Think it's still a bit too soon to be 100% sure on what we're going to need to both leave the UK and enter Spain, but it's looking increasingly likely that it'll be various forms of passports.
I’ve been travelling for work throughout the whole pandemic, as some of you will know as I mentioned it a few times. Sorry to bore you all lol 😄

Most of the airports I’m going through have testing facilities, but they are pretty basic at the moment. Just enough to support the lower numbers going through.

As they stand I don’t think they can cope with the summer rush of holidays and the greater footfall that airports will expect

For example at Manchester it’s a small out building outside the terminal. Paris is an annexed part of the terminal. Newcastle is split between a small room in the corner or the terminal and a converted meet & greet area.

Anyway, I was chatting to the staff at the the airport yesterday in Newcastle and they told me they have it planned to take over a much larger area of the airport and also have an uplift in staff levels to cope with the heavier numbers over the summer if things open up.

Was good to hear 😃👍 I imagine all the other airports have similar plans in place.
Plus they’ve been testing non-stop for a good few months so I reckon they will have ironed out little teething problems, albeit at a lower scale but good nonetheless I reckon.

I’d like to get my missus and my daughters away to Majorca again and then just me and her away to Ibiza in August, September or October too.

I’m staying positive* 😃 need something to look forward too I think.

*(or negative. Test wise obviously 😄)
One step forward, two steps back - - clearly worried about bringing vaccine-beating new variants back.

Thete's a question though of how do you discourage something that's gonna be legal? Especially to "green" areas? The one way would be to insist on more and more tests, at home, at the airport and at the resort - including those fully vaccinated, to simply make travel unbearable.

So that leads me to - just how much are you prepared to go through to get a foriegn holiday anywhere, not necessarily Ibiza?