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Why has no one seemed to mention this island?????

Beautiful beaches and coastline, if you have a spare day and you want to chill, get the ferry over there.
...and the lizards are everywhere, they even come and sunbathe next to you!!!!!

In Formentera you can find the clearest waters of the Mediterranean. And if you dive into them you will feel as if you got into one of those documentaries of coral reefs.

I enjoyed snorkeling like a kid. I brought one of the bread rolls of the hotel pic-nic into the water to feed the fishes, and dozens of them, some of them very colorful, came close to me and my hand to eat bread. Fascinating!

No need to visit the Caribbean to do that! And it's very unlikely to be disturbed by a shark, hehehe 8)
i agree with all previous...good, tidy & silent....but (my experience)
v v very bad snack :evil: in shops u may find instead beer or burgers only chipz and porno magazines !! not enough restaurants
Red said:
Why has no one seemed to mention this island?????

Simple answer... we have. You are totally right, its a fantastic island and a great loss if you dont visit while you are in ibiza. Its like some kind of dream island with its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, it also helps that it is several degrees warmer than ibiza!

Go to the search function at the top of the page and type in "formentera" to see the other posts on this beautiful island.

Bliznetz said:
not enough restaurants

...and thats exactly why people go there... tourism has had no influence on the relaxed pace of this island. No-one rushes and most people travel by bike. If its restaurants you want, go back to ibiza!
andivokes said:
Red said:
Why has no one seemed to mention this island?????

Simple answer... we have.

Sorry! :oops:

It's just not been mentioned recently i guess and i haven't trawled through other posts!!

Oh well, it's good enough to be mentioned many times over! :D


lets keep the island wild , dont make a new ibiza :cry:
ashamed of myself :oops: never been to formentera and been to ibiza several times, this year my and my bloke have made a promise to go!! we are gonna take a picnic find a remote spot and relax all day!!

get the boat over from ibiza town right?

andi/red you really make it sound incred! looking forward to discovering something new!!

cheers :D :lol:
Have a great time Klingclubber! :D

Most people won't be bothered to go anyway Technoboy, they can't drag themselves away from the West End never mind a ferry trip away from Ibiza! :rolleyes:

It will be my 3rd visit to Ibiza this Friday and I have never been to Formentera either, so we are hoping to go this time.

I watched a programme last night about it and it looks really beautiful.
How long does it take getting there and how much am I likely to pay?
I would def recommend a day out to this beautiful island. Boat ride is a bit choppy, but worth it when you get there. I'm so glad we took time out from the Ibiza mayhem and went.

Just hope it stays the way it is. I heard, but not sure it's supposed to be protected from development :?: :?: