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    Yes, it can be done, bus from the airport to the port and on to a ferry, yup. Can be quicker to catch the bus than wait in a queue for a taxi (and cheaper!) they are every 20 mins at that time and I've seen the taxi queue snaking 150m down the road. Do the car hire thing on Formentera, but to be honest the bus service in September is reliable and frequnt enough to get you almost anywhere, (avoid the expensive "tourist buses"!) anthough I'd suggest a scooter to get to the far-out places.
    There are specific transfer deals from the airport to Formentera, look at the Trasmapi, Balearia or Pitiusa websites (the ferries), could be good for a few people + luggage.
    Example; but I'd just use the 10 bus which I think goes directly to the port (used to....but the building work may have altered that, but it will stop pretty close even so).
    My personal world record from stepping off the plane to arriving at la Savina is just over 90 minutes!
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    Thanks mate, appreciate all the info - we'll have a 1 year old so makes things a bit different as we'll have buggy and all the other stuff so will probs just cab it to the port. We're traviling in october so hopefully queue will be dead!

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