First time to Ibiza-What clubs to go to?


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Hi All! So I have returned, Ibiza cherry popped ✔. I absouloutley LOVED it!!! I've been back a week and just keep thinking I want to go back. I just wanted to thank everyone above who offered their opinions and advice, it really helped.
We went to Glitterbox @ Hi, what a club! Dj's in the toilets, fab! Heard a few older tracks which seemed to get more love from the crowd than current ones ( u can't beat the old stuff). Previous to the club we went to the top floor of the Hard Rock hotel ( a friend of mine had been and said it was worth doing) great view, dj playing some chilled stuff and planes going over, not far from your head, a nice vibe, just a shame we left without a drink!

I also went to Together @ Amnesia with 1 of my friends on the Tues night. It was between that or Bodyworks back at Hi. I slightly preferred the line up of Bodyworks but my mate was keen for Amnesia so we went for that. I guess having wanted to go to Ibiza for 20 years, it had to be Amnesia. I felt quite overcome when we walked in, like 'S**t, i'm finally standing in this club' , I enjoyed the first hour but then it went downhill for me personally. The music was a bit too hard for my liking, maybe i'm not quite as into D&B as I thought? A girl, off her head, also slumped next to me on a sofa and asked me to hug her and she nearly broke my hand been squeezing it so tightly! I know what goes down but girl, get out of my space! I am also of course well aware that music is going to be loud in a club, I would expect nothing less but to me it was off the scale of loudness, it was ridiculous and it saddens me to say, it actually resulted in me leaving early. Wish I could have experienced Amnesia 'back in the day' as they say. I'm glad we went there but I probally wouldn't choose to go there again.

We went to Pikes in the day, could feel the history there (we did have our names down for Wax Da Jam but didn't make time!)

We went to Ibiza town on one of the days and walked up Dalt Villa and had a walk about the town. Worth going for a look around.

The rest of the time we chilled around the area of our hotel, which was perfectly placed for us (about a 5-10 min walk from Cafe Del Mar). So glad we got to go Mambo and Cafe Del Mar.

Our first two days were a bit overcast but the night before we were coming home, we got the beautiful sunset, whilst drinking our Daiquiri' @ The Golden Budda. Don't think that amazing Sunset can be beaten? WOW!
We ate at a place called 'Kasbah' a couple of times, great food and friendly waitresses :) . We also went to 'Relish' on the other side of San An and had a great meal there aswell.
Glad you enjoyed it
Earplugs come in handy in the clubs. Mine are shot so I can’t take the risk, I barely pass my yearly medical at work!
About 20 quid is enough to spend.

Kasbah is a fave of mine and getting some good reviews this year.

Shame you didn’t get to pikes at night time


I guess having wanted to go to Ibiza for 20 years, it had to be Amnesia. I felt quite overcome when we walked in, like 'S**t, i'm finally standing in this club'
This was literally me this year. From wanting to go to Ibiza for 20 years to finally being in Amnesia. I felt it as well ?