fav ibiza tune 2003

Good tunes yeah but for me it's gotta be Timo Maas - Unite or maybe Tomaz vs The filterheadz - Sunshine - absolute quality.

All depends how wrecked you were when you heard 'em right?
Its 'eric prydz - slammin' btw.

Hmm i dont really have a fave this year, i liked it when morillo pld 'montana vs trumpet man - itza trumpet thing' but thats over 5 years old!
E Samba, without a doubt. Each time I listen to it, the tunes remind me of Bora Bora :) . However, I also get equally frustrated :x :x knowing that we cannot have a place like Bora Bora (beach bar) in S. California.

The weather is absolutely perfect, the crowd one of the most beautiful in the world, but too many lousy and senseless restrictions. Gun Control, Alcohol Control, Tobacco Control, Clubbing Control, High taxes, Expensive Fuel; it never ends. While the weather remains beautiful, my state has unfortunately moved far from the core American ideology of minimal government involvement in business and private lives.
LagunaBeachCA said:
but too many lousy and senseless restrictions. Gun Control, Alcohol Control

I find strange your idea of clubbing. I don't like guns in the dancefloor.
sessomatto-i need somebody..oh yes!
e samba was in the shops over there early may,tells you how good its staying power is!
smokin jo playing -state of mind...ra ra rah!
if i hear any of the Coldplay-Clocks remixes... i am gonna kill someone!! same goes for lets get ill
kujay dada - young heart
david morales - how would it feel
that david guetta stroke of genius remixed by mr lopez
KOT - dreams
I was a bit disappointed with kot - dreams. Not upto their usual high standard. It sounds dated and the vocal is out of key in some points. Maybe its just the version i had but as much as i try, i just dont like it.
where can I find some of these tunes to download?

Are they on any of the Ibiza's cds?