Facebook FAILS

Jam Man

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Particularly liking this one:


and this one..


That one with Tracy is a blast.
Especially when you notice that her relationship status is "engaged" :lol:
And that enough of her friends' (and remember it must have been one of them that took the screen shot) names are not blurred out so she wouldn't be that difficult to track down....
mines so boring - I'm leaving now for a chill and a cuppa - and to take the piss out of Gingerfreak who is currently sick of the rain in spain (Ibiza) whilst I sit in the garden in the sun.... 8)
well bored of fukbook now

it was fun for a while as a tool to nose around and spy on people but nowadays most of the people who find me are blatant promotion whores (see also myspace RIP)

there's shltloads of people I want to delete but don't in case you bump into them in east village or something and have that awkwardness...

it's all bollox but when in a herd do as the sheep do..
I made one of these mistakes when I first went on facebook... I was searching my first ever bf from school and put his name in my status instead of the search thing. I left it there for a few minutes too, now if I didn't come from a town where everyone know everyone I wouldn't have felt embarrassed but I'm sure my status popped up on a few of his mates pages and he was informed :oops:
That tracy one was done by a bunch of hackers from the website 4chan... they did a whole load of christian fundamentalists after they found a list of their email addresses and passwords which worked on facebook too.