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Broke my own rule of 'no more camping based UK festivals' and went and booked Houghton which given my reasons for no more and the reasoning for last year's cancellation is quite comical. Still, with a line up like that even I'll still be smiling in the rain.

No festival aside from Sunwaves caters for my musical tastes like this one. A great feeling when you're only fear aside from the weather is worrying of potentially too many set clashes!


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Anyone tempted by Ion festival on the coast of Albania? Run by LWE, been looking into it and looks pretty interesting...


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For everyone that is interested to discover some new festival this season... at we just finished our first Festival hunt this year and list now more than 1600 electronic festivals, open airs and warehouse events in 2020.
By the way top techno lineups for 2020 so far:
Awakenings Festival
Extrema Outdoor - Belgium
Tomorrowland - Weekend 1
Sonus Festival
Loveland Festival
Off Week Festival
Time Warp - Germany
Ikarus Festival
Tomorrowland - Weekend 2
Monegros Desert Festival
Ultra Music Festival - Miami
Chamonix Unlimited Festival
Junction 2
DGTL Festival
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Tempted but decided to wait for next year when they fix all the mistakes hehe

Yeah that’s the thing, will either be an incredible, raw experience or just a complete logistical shit show. I’m having visions of an Albanian version of fyre fest ? In my old age I do quite like the concept of chilled days exploring the coastline and music at night if you want it as opposed to hammering it all day every day, though.


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Mano, Koze , peaking lights to name a few. 20 mins from our house.
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