Es Paradis



Can anyone tell what Es Paradis is like? also opening times and cost?
beautiful club, open 29 hours a day, entrance 1000€ only can get entrance wearin oldstyle handmade shoes....minumum 400€ worth!!!!.....warum ist die banane krum?????
I think u may be a little biased, is your club, Amnesia any good?
im just joking ;) paradis is one of the oldest clubs in ibiza,....used to be open air in the 80ies, a beautiful garden!! it has an ugly pyramide roof, but inside its still beautiful, style i dont know, because im 32, so im not intrested in that shit ;) ...but still a cool place!

amnesia is amnesia - IMO one of the best! clubs in the world! - if its not THE best! - go there and make youself a picture of it....but dont go before 4 a.m.!! ;) enjoy!
you mean its not my club! :( they made summer thing in vienna this year, but its not really cool! amnesia is a religion and should only be in ibiza, where it belongs! ;)
yep s'ok...byuut thee is so much choice what makes Amnesia worth a visit? And why not b4 4.00am?
tell me what does it take to be an insider? :confused: and... why don't the insiders go out b4 4? 8) ;)
....hmmmmmm......I know Ibiza since 1985...been there in the high season like 15 times,....have an app. there, know some locals,..............
yeah....the clock in spain, but specially on ibiza is totaly diff. to us "europeans" ;) dinne about 0.00 not before 4!
so sounds u know the place very well...r u out in ibiza same time as me? :eek:
to be honest the nights at es paradis are crap,it has potential to be so much more with the lovely decor but its in san an and attracts knobs its also a bit too bright in there.
I had some very messy times in Es Paradis last year, resulting in me and mates being barred from the owner Pepe's boat the next day :oops:
wether you like that sort of music or not (dj sammy!) i think you would have to check out the water party's at least once! kinda like Manummision you gotta do it once!!!!!!