Eatin in Pacha


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Hi Peeps,

Has anyone eaten in Pacha? If so what it the prices like and does this get you free entry to the club?

Ta much.
i have twice, really gorgeous, food, atmosphere, waiters (FIT as hell all gay so no good for me but ..........)

its right around €60 euros, but with that you get in free and a 3 course meal and couple of bottles of wine!
you have to book and its soo romantic if you do it with your partner

def doing that again this year!

ooh it so isssssssssss
go for it guys,

its very chilled and romantic not like a sunset bar or anything in ibiza town, it just really really beautiful and a great way to start your evening!

let me know how you get on!
Do you just phone and book? I bet it's a great way to avoid the que on busy nights too. Also, does that get you a table in the club for after or do you have to book that seperately?
yeh just call be put through to the restaurant and make your reservation (nice to go there about 10ish finish around 12ish) avoid ALL que's! lovely eh ;)

but no doen't reserve you a table in the club that is seperate,

but your there nice and early so you can go to the terrace and the'll be plenty of table for you!
Blimey .. guess we could do this for the Subliminal opening .... ( cos this is gonna be like a second honeymoon for us )
wow, this is news to me! sounds like a bargain tho! do u have to phone to club? And how much in advance do u have to book?
Wow, this sounds great!! 8) Avoiding the mad entrance, already chilled and relaxed full of good food, then a night of dancing to boot...hmmm me thinks a reservation is in order. Thanks for the info kclubber! :D
looks like this will be on my "to do" list also....

Now which night is the question???

Mon or Wed???? :?:
let me just get this right...if we go for a meal it will cost about 60euros and that includes that each or for 2
so were looking about £75 for 2 meals a few drinks and entry into club...bargain
I'd be useless if I ate before I went clubbing, I'd end up having a little kip in the corner of Pacha lol :p ;)

Sar + Full belly = Sleep ;)
Wow this sounds like a great idea. 60E each for a 3 course meal, entry into club and 2 BOTTLES OF WINE!!! Is it really true?