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Love a haribo me

Love a haribo me

Fair play to the Gendarme first on the scene. "Hey Claude, does your Mum still work at the sweet factory? I've had an idea....."


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I’ve heard on the grapevine that there’s a massive mdma drought right now, anyone else heard that? It’s obviously been a while since I’ve acquired any, unable to rave at the moment


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Its been a while 😳

On Saturday afternoon me and my better half went on a bit of a beer garden crawl in the glorious sunshine we have been enjoying here in the UK currently 🍻🌅

Took one of these 2c-b pills each before we went out. I’ve had them stashed for ages.

It definitely felt like the right time to take them 😃

Probably about no more than 15mg each, just enough to give us a nice time.

Went a walk along the river bank at Tynemouth and along the coast, stopping off for drinks at random boozers in the sun.

The grass looked very green, the sea looked deep blue and the sky looked awesome 🙌

Every drink I had tasted amazing 😛

I love how this stuff sharpens all my sensations right up 🤩

We continued the party when we got home, if you know what I mean 😜

Afterwards I enjoyed those classic closed eye visuals I always get, as I lay back on my bed.

I’ll take some more summer nights like this 👍