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Is it true that they tend not to search girls on the door of clubs? Also, how thorough are the searches in general? (as in for water, etc...)
No, girls don't seem to get the pat-down search, although I wouldn't assume this.

As for the searches themselves, people seem to get random searches, but they aren't that thorough. I mean water is something you can afford to lose anyway, so it's no real disaster if they find it.

They seem to be concentrating far more on cameras over there, so if you take a bag, expect them to look inside.

It's a shame really, as the prevalence of E sellers in some clubs is over the top, and there is little to prevent someone bringing a weapon in with them.
Everyone of the major clubs will search you when you enter.

The smaller clubs, such as the places in the west end do not search you

What the big clubs are looking for is water and cameras. They are both pretty easy to hide though, so if you really want to get them in there are obviously ways to do so.

As for the bit about do they not search females, well they do. They search everyone, however they dont exactly strip search you, they do a formal pat down of your body, its nothing to worry about.
pacha no search....i walked in with water and goodies everytime no prob

amnesia....see pacha

space....just a qucik pat down if u even wanna call it that for cameras and water

privelege...quick pat down as well for cameras and water search at all.....

thats all i went to becasue the lineups except for privlege were to good to miss....
Pacha, 7 males, slightly worse for wear, no pat downs or nothing.

Sundays at Space, 13 males together. Again, not so much as a rub down down with a feather duster! Maybe we were just lucky. Obviously none of us had handbags though, and there is a sign about no cameras.

The funniest thing I saw all weakend was Number1 on the things not allowed into Space was "people with an unacceptable standard of personal hygiene". I kid you not :lol:
privilège: not really a search we gat in with camera's without problems

amnesia: no search

pacha: no search

eden: no search

el devino: no search

space: quick searc after camera's and yes they found it :x
Play 2 = no searches

Nightlife = No searches

Soul City = No searches

Oh shit what crap holiday!!!!!!!! ONLY JOKING!
It all makes so much sense now! I'm not too up on the names of clubs in the West End and more's the pity.

As for Priza-are you going to be in Ibiza over the never fortnight? ;)
I so wish i was, unfortunately i'm back in the classroom training morons for the next fortnight!

Just to tease me what did you have in mind?
I was going to decide when I got there, but it'd probably be along the lines of a packet of Ducado-now THERE'S a classy brand of cigarettes and no mistaking! ;)
just back from Ibiza and I had the following searches:

Eden - No search, got in with camera

Privilege - No search, got in with camera

Amnesia - No search got in with camera
IPCA said:
The funniest thing I saw all weakend was Number1 on the things not allowed into Space was "people with an unacceptable standard of personal hygiene". I kid you not :lol:

I remember seeing that, nearly pissed mysel laughing!
Yeh, but ain't that just the clubs covering their backs, so they can bar the hippies (not that they'd be interested in going anyway)?

If not, the door staff can't read, cos there's some right sweaty b@stards in there.
As a girl I got in with a little less bother than the males I think......never bothered me much at all.....I got a camera in everywhere I wanted to. Even in a handbag too.......which never got checked.
I was searched in Space but my wife walked right in with a camera in her purse, no problem.
When I was there (14th-21st Sept) I got searched a few times, however it was about as thorough as putting a flatpack wardrobe up by hammering random parts together as you feel like it. I went to DC10 and Es Paradis (no search), Eden, Pacha and Amnesia and none of them even felt my trouser pockets!!!
Very lame - yes it lets you smuggle stuff in if you want but if I wanted to I could have taken a knife in with no problem at all.

- Dave