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  1. stivi

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    again lots of dolphins around currently. no matter where you go people see them...on the way over to formentera, around es vedra, in the bay of san antonio...my social media feed is full with videos of them! :)
  2. kimajy

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    I hope they stay around for the weekend ;)
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  3. stivi

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    I´m sure they will
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  4. McRackin

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  5. OllieNotts

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    What an amazing pic, whoever took the pic are extremely lucky and I thank them for the snap shot.
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  6. craig72

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    I never liked dolphins.. just don't trust those fckrs..
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  7. diver

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    I think it’s amazing too Olly
  8. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    this very morning (not my footage)

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