Does monogamy exist?


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Latest tweet from the radical feminists...quite on topic:

"Feminists must denounce marriage for isolating both women and men in restrictive monogamous prisons."


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Know of any?
Quite a few. Feel free to visit Buckley Towers when they are here coo-ing over The Muckey (TM). Prime time for you to out yourself as monogamous breeder husband material!:lol:
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Just discovered this thread.... I love it.. Really interesting points! I love talking about this stuff

I think that monogamy nowadays is really hard with dating apps and all sorts, so easy to be on the app and other half never knows

I have cheated before, twice but it was more because my ex boyf did not pay me attention rather than me desiring the other guy that much I cudnt resist

I have slept with a high number of guys, to be honest I did it more for comfort and hoping would see them again or lead to something more rather than me loving sex and wanting it all the time. There was plenty of guys I slept with just to naively feel wanted and ended up feeling used.. It's different for women tho I think, many men can have sex and be fine whereas some women get feelings when they have sex

I would say now I have got older I dont Wana feel used anymore so I have gone 1 year or 2 years without.. I also can easily shag a guy now without feeling I Wana see him again or getting any feelings


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Anyone tired of Christianised indoctrination, gender stereotyping, judgments around promiscuity and enforced sexual morality should read this...

It contains some interesting themes. 8)
Stumbled upon this thread...2011 lol. But yeah Ethical slut and a the views on a monogamISH lifestyle are interesting.
you can find a lot of couples in Ibz knowing this book and practicing this lifestyle btw.