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Dj, bedroom DJ/local Bar etc. If you do what equipment do you use and what's your preferred style of music. I have had Decks for about a year now and haven't really been using them as much as i should considering how much i paid for the things. It's been even worse since i snapped my headphones getting a bit to carried away ha ha.

My main problem is buying tunes, they cost a bloody fortune even from places like traxsource. If i don't buy new tunes at least every two weeks i get really bored then stop for ages.

So if you do have decks/ableton/traktor etc how often are you on them?
Technics 1210's, Gemini CS-02 5 Channel Club Mixer,Sennheiser HD-215 headphones Serato Scratch & Laptop, excellent..

Don't have the Sertato at present so haven't been on the decks since last week...prefered music is Old Skool 1987-1994, today's fav style would be Disco/Funky House and Breakbeat & Drum & Bass.
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Technics 1210's Mk5s, Behringer DJX700 mixer, Stanton Pro 60 Headphones and Stanton Needles

However, selling everything to DJ on the laptop with stuff closer to house and trance as oppose to the hardcore/makina I am playin via the vinyls
1996 ford escort van (diesel), border collie, hiking boots, seasonal beard

The folkies just wont accept sick, jacking beats and sucking basslines.

cup of tea anyone?
numark cd deck, numark mixer, dj-1800 on my mac, kaos pad, sony something or other cans.

it's not the tunes; it's the person who plays them. and in this case, he's s*ite.
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numark cd deck, numark mixer, dj-1800 on my mac, kaos pad, sony something or other cans.

it's not the tunes, it's the person who plays them. and in this case, he's s*ite.


my 18 birthday. soundlab dlp3's delivered with all the kit.

my 19th birthday. said decks long sold as i realised that listening to two different songs at once was more likely to give me a fit than lead to coherent music!

still cant do it to this day, dont have a musical bone in my body.
Pair of absolutely battered to death 1210's, numark 220 mixer (really want a Allen & heath though) and PCDJ red... Need to invest in some Mk2's though.. Oh and a pair of Sony MDR 700's ****ing love them cans
2 x Technics 1210's , Numark mixer, Serato Scratch Live, Technics headphones.

2 x Pioneer DCJ 400 coming soon.

I play my decks everyday.

I mostly play techno, prog house and deep house but I dabble in everything from northern soul to breaks.

1 x defective 1210 that I believe is partially filled with Guiness

1 x crocked belt-drive Ariston cheapo effort with unnecessarily huge pitch control function

1 x very old Gemini baby scratch mixer that has seemingly become self-aware.

Rubbish pair of Tandy headphones with a 'Do The Monkey' sticker on one side.

6000 or so 12s not being done justice
Years ago (1989:oops:) some decks did the rounds between a load of mates, one selling on as they became fed up. I was one of the few never to have had a go and many times since have wished I had tried it.

Once moved to Ibiza, I'm gonna buy some gear and give it a go :)

keep at it fellas :)
some ancient Technics 1210's , Pioneer djm600 (Allen n Heath would be better) , 1 Pioneer cdj 800 , Traktor scratch / studio , Macbook.

Started off playin hiphop around 1999 n now play techno / minimal
I recently started messing about with Ableton Live and have found it quite fun so far, nothing too serious yet though.

A few days ago I downloaded this emulation of the Roland 303/808/909 bass line synthesizer and rhythm composer. Its free and so much fun. I'm thinking I can use this to make some beats then export them into Ableton to put the rest on top. Its also good just playing with the knobs and creating the old acid house sound.
I now have PCDJ Reflex, looks like pretty good software, gona look up a few tutorials and invest my time in that
i suppose i should of said what i have. 8)

2x Pioneer cdj1000mk3
1x DJM800
1x W audio amp
2x JBL jrx115 speakers

No monitors - I need to buy some my pc speakers are ****

No headphones either at the mo i snapped them, think i'm going to invest in some HD 25'S. I usually go for headphones with the rotate axis on them like the technics RP-DH1200, but i have had two pairs now which have broke.:x

I mainly mix House and techno, but depending on the mood some times play minimal for a change :)

Where do you digital DJ's buy your music from?
I previously DJed quite a bit in and around Belfast (most recently resident at the Myoozikk night in Belfast with Defected's Andy Daniell), but for one reason or another I lost my love of mixing for a long time (over a year).

I still have my setup at home - Technics 1210s, Pioneer DJM500 and Pioneer CDJ800s. I've made a promise to myself to get my finger out once I return from Ibiza in September. I think being over there will give me all the incentive I need, so I've started buying tunes again.

I usually buy from Traxsource, Beatport and DJDownload