Danielle Lloyd beaten up.


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I suppose it always a risk being a regular on the party scene, and a WAG/model. But you've got to feel for the girl :(



Quite alot of claret there. She has had emergency surgery to a bad gash :)lol:) on her leg and back.
According to the always-reliable Sun, the poor girl was sitting on a sofa when some dimwits were dancing up on some ledge behind her and maybe kicked her. She gets up to complain, fight starts, and she goes flying onto a glass table. Ouch!
As much as I hated her on BB, I do feel sorry for her in those photos. I wouldnt wish that on anybody.
As a teenager, I spent 2 summers at Franklin & Marshall college!
It's a small uni... doubt they'd have money for endorsement :lol:

It's a very popular make among certain folk in the UK mate - I'd say they do pay for endorsement.
It's a very popular make among certain folk in the UK mate - I'd say they do pay for endorsement.
Really?? Strange fad!!

It's a tiny little university in the middle of Amish country. Just missed out on being Ivy League at some point.

Probably some fashion label bought rights to sell their gear.

Edit: Well, you learn something new every day!
Wikipedia said:
In 1999, after seeing an official Franklin & Marshall sweatshirt, a company[5] based in Verona, Italy began producing clothing in a vintage 1950's collegiate-style with the words "Franklin and Marshall" on them. F&M alumni began to report seeing F&M merchandise for sale in Europe, which puzzled the college.

In 2003, after lengthy discussions, the college decided not to sue and instead agreed to accept a licensing fee from the company so that they could continue to produce their products, which had begun to gain popularity with youth, especially in the United Kingdom
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still trying to work out which emoticon best reflects my reaction to this news

for what it's worth, I went to puerto banus on some stag venture a few years back and I saw her, some other dollies and glen johnson enjoying a bit of a canoodle on some vip deck outside the club....

it was beyond parody
It's a very popular make among certain folk in the UK mate - I'd say they do pay for endorsement.
Well, according to this story, they didn't pay for endorsement.


But they did put out this press release in hilariously bad taste!

“Poor Danielle Lloyd. After being battered in a nightclub, Danielle can now rest up in the comfort of her Franklin Marshall hoodie.

“Franklin & Marshall is the ultimate in understated American college-inspired casual wear — the perfect recipe for Danielle’s recovery. Why not double up and get an identical tracksuit for your boyfriend a la Danielle and top Tottenham player Jamie O’Hara? Get well soon Danielle.”