☣ Coronavirus ☣


If Gilead's antiviral drug remdesivir turns out to be effective against the coronavirus, then it'll likely be like nothing more than a highly contagious flu - that's my hope anyway. After doing a bunch of research on all this, I threw down and bought a decent chunk of Gilead's stock this morning. After having read how it was discovered that the drug Tamiflu had previously helped to shorten recovery from SARS by about 17 hours, and then went on to net Roche a cool $3.2 billion, I figured that it was worth the gamble. Besides, as my flights, hotel and car are already booked, I now have a vested interest in this new drug working out. Keeping my fingers crossed that May in Ibiza will still be a "go," and that this gamble might ultimately help pay for everything....maybe even to the point where I'll treat myself to some VIP club time - we'll see.


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Do they have cases in Spain , already ?
Not a good feeling : If it gets a pandemie , holiday anywhere is not possible. But I dont think it will happen. My plan for Sep stays , hope they will solve it. :cool: