Connect Festival - Dusseldorf

Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by Nostalgic, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. Crawleytown

    Crawleytown Member

    I normally hate MCs at techno events but the Awakenings guy is class I think, he divides opinion though
  2. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    I’m not a huge fan if I’m honest. Just feels like some rich kid who likes techno got his hands on the mic
  3. Nostalgic

    Nostalgic Well-Known Member

    Haven't been to either so I wouldn't know. Just goes against the grain having a MC at an music event other than garage, grime, dnb etc
  4. Nostalgic

    Nostalgic Well-Known Member

    Listened to Adam Beyer set enjoyed it opening track was banging just the tonic.

    Gonna dig into Bart Skills set later on
  5. moesalama

    moesalama Member

    am always so high at awakenings or at connect to hear him honestly. ive been to several awakenings & this connect & never heard him :D
  6. DCAmbrose

    DCAmbrose Member

    Sometimes he adds to the vibe, I know at Awakenings festival last year he was constant on the mic to try and motivate people in the rain. Has 1 of the thickest accents I have ever heard. It's like there is a golfclub in his throat.

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