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I agree with you. There are clearly going to be other cocoon parties, but after 19 years it is definitely a down grade to no longer have a weekly residency in Ibiza, regardless of how the ultras choose to spin it.

Sven isn’t for me, however, he’s done something incredible with cocoon. It’s endured much more than most.
thats not because sven or cocoons music are bad, thats because the crowd age & preferences changed.

lots of old ibiza goers early 30s mid 30s see cocoon differently than the new people going to ibiza.


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Dear friends,
Zooming closer and closer. We can now announce 10 dates, 10 mouth watering tantalising Cocoon specials at Amnesia. Before you do anything else park these Monday nights. This is COCOON20 and the news is going to keep on coming.. Love Cocoon
Cocoon20 Grand Opening at Amnesia
Cocoon20 at Amnesia 10.06.2019
Cocoon20 at Amnesia 24.06.2019
Cocoon20 at Amnesia 08.07.2019
Cocoon20 at Amnesia 22.07.2019
Cocoon20 at Amnesia 05.08.2019
Cocoon20 at Amnesia 19.08.2019
Cocoon20 at Amnesia 02.09.2019
Cocoon20 at Amnesia 16.09.2019
Cocoon20 Grand Closing 30.09.2019

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Nice! Do you think the proper closing after will still be on Oct 1st or is there an additional special date?