Cocoon Closing Party


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Woah!! This had to be the party that made my trip to Ibiza!! I'm sitting at my desk at working with a silly grin on my face just thinking about this night, the memories will stay with me forever. Did anyone else go ? Also did anyone make it to the after party ?!
The after Party was on the Estanyol beach. Sven Vath, Ritchie Hawtin, even seen Adam Beyer sitting gurning away in the crowd. Unbelieveable!! Sven was playing the whole time I was there and would have won any Gurning Competetion going. Was soo funny. Could tell he was having a really good time. Only thing was it was in the middle of no-where near no shops or anything and I had no supplies (water, beer, money) so had to leave around 4.30pm as was gasping!! Was gonna walk to Ibiza Town which would've took a couple of hours but luckily a taxi stopped after along the long dusty road. Party was still heaving when I left, bet it went on well into the next day !! :D

Got a few pics, not sure how I post em up though..?
post em on my site (links on my profile)

Gotta c some pics of that!

Sven is one of the djs Ive seen that knows how to let go and enjoy themselves! :)
pictures of the afterparty at s'estanyol.










All fotos taken from the space website. big up to the space photographers and website team for all the fresh info! (all photos are copyright (c) 2003 space ibiza).
Aw mate, You've made my day by posting them pictures! I only had a little wee fun Camera but got some canny ones. I've posted em under in the photo's section.
nish said:
Cheers hun, Ive put them all in the folder 'Cocoon 2003'

Hey people,

I was with my "troupe" at amnesia and it was great. Although I expected a real kick of the music especially from Svenny. But we can forgive him, he had also a hard day the saturday before not so far from my place rocking the German scene. Anyway, I've met some cool people at amnesia all from Frankfurt :D We have met also real friendly Spanish people! that's was a really cool party 8)
The time passed unfortunately really fast, and of course we get the info about S'estanyol :D
Unfortunately my "troupe" was a bit f***ed and tired. We get there a bit late 'round 14.00. But THIS has made my week of ibiza!! :eek:
ALL around cool people real stylish, WAOW!!! that was something...
Svenny has been playing till 21.00!!! Just a word for this Svenny:
RES-PECT. You are probably the only one to make those kind of party. You are one of the first and you deserve ya titel of Father of techno.

MEIN GOTT, das war der HAMMER!!! :D

Me and my "troupe" stayed there just some hours on the top of a small house looking at all this. Wished I could be rocking further... I will make it again next year. Hopefully they will still have this S'Estanyol after-party...

Please send the pictures! or put it on the Ibiza-Spotlight website.... Thanx!
ha, ha,...und der martinschitz (boss of red bull) ist wie immer dabei, zumindest mit einem schirmerl.... ;)
i was there too !! not many space for moving
and very hot , but great vibes !!!
it was mainly minimal techno

any of you that were there ,... do you remember
that song that sven played many times ?
it was a brazilian style , a woman singin in
portuguese slowly and without music ...
vath was OK... didnt enjoy hawtin. but i also am not a big techno fan. very effing packed... i with ibiza clubs would not allow so many people into the venues at once
do after parties like this happen alot?? planing for 04 and would love to catch some parties like that. want to keep it a secret plz PM me.
Cocoon IBiza 03

WOW.. All I can say is that the Cocoon closing at Amnesia [Richie, Ricardo, Tobi & Sven - ALL INCREDIBLE!!!] & after party were 2 of the most incredible experiences in my clubbing life!!!!! Looking at those pictures take me back to that morning/afternoon when little by little, this beautiful secluded beach filled up with so many beautiful, happy people! Sven was amazing throughout & so friendly chatting with my group & I in the beginning.. He was giving us his view on the music culture in the states & what a shame it is that our government has totally put so many restrictions on us here.. There is absolutely no other place in the world as magical & amazing as Ibiza.. Esp with sounds being spun by some of the world's best DJ's for you right on a beach!!!!!! PHENOMENAL!!!!! This is truly what the White Isle is all about.. I am so glad I was there! These memories will be forever engrained in my mind!! Cannot wait til next year!!!
BTW, how do I view the rest of your Cocoon pix?? I will post mine soon enough.. Got some nice shots of Sven & the people..
Take care all..
Until later :D
the sad thing is that the after paries were so popular that
they became illegal and stoped doing it this summer
so lets keep the secret and maybe next year things will
change a little ;)
Just been reading through these reviews on Cocoon and can't believe that it all happened and I actually made it - rather than it being a figment of my imagination. Me and my friends spent the whole summer fretting about how we were going to make it to the closing and whether we would find the after party especially since the party appeared to be such a closely guarded secret. Unfortunately some of those friends couldn't make it in the end - so those photos may provide them with an even more frustrating insight to it all. Spent hours dancing on one of the back blocks at Amnesia to what at points was well hard german techno and a little dark for the last couple of hours I thought when Sven went on a self indulgent tour round his record collection - well it was his party and what a stage to perform on. I have always loved that Vitalic tune and will now think of it with a big smile after the champagne showering episode. How great was that. Didn't think Ritchie played as well as he had done on 25 Aug - though he picked up in the last hours of his set and was pretty good really - what is all that glam rock sounding techno all about - good to jump up and down to. Anyone know what that really rocking tune with the rave horn sample and fierce but funky bass line is?

We managed to get to the after party as it started which was excellent as you saw it all build up during the day. We were sitting up on the rock face as some of the others were the lily pale english people who needed to shelter from the sun - so we got a birdseye view of everything as it happened including the couple who got down to some Ibiza love early on in the proceedings!!! The music sounded fantastic from up there too. We even managed to get Sven to give us a bit of dance and a wave when he nipped out from his decks to take a leak on the opposite slope. My only regret apart from having to leave at about 9pm (through a friend's misguided obsession that Underwater was worth going to I went along to be sociable despite previous bad experiences and saw the worst djing in 14 years of going out - everyone agreed it was rubbish), was not getting down on to the wobbly dancefloor more and taking the plunge in the sea (did anyone see one girl who swam around for hours in a dress I think she must have osmosised by the end as she suddenly disappeared!!). The after party was very special I hope that it happens again sometime and this time I get to stay to the end. Did anyone get to the after after party in a villa at Santa Gertrudris which went on till Thurs? Definately the stuff of legends and the best part of the holiday by far with Amnesia closing a good if messy memory too :lol: :lol: :lol: ..

Thank god for the techno related djs trying to get an atmosphere going with some new forms of music since a lot of the other sets I heard were pretty dull and uninspiring full of poor remixes (eg Space terrace/inside headliners, Made in Italy, Underwater) which depended on the crowd believing in the Ibiza vibe rather than hearing music to set them alight which is a great way to start killing off the integrity of the music scene. Did also see Ritchie & Ricardo play at DC10 the following monday and they were fantastic playing back to back with jazz and techno rifts with great atmosphere from the crowd - unlike outside which was very dull compared to previous visits but even more like a big tin of colourfully dressed sardines. Oops better stop now as this is starting to turn into a bit of rant!!