Cocoon 2010 - The year we make Contact

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cocoon will take contact to...

... a higher state of consciousness

ten is the magic number!

even though the summer is over, the positive energy of 10 years cocoon ibiza is still here! what a story: it feels like it was only yesterday when we remember our first nights on the island – and it's simply unbelievable to see what has developed over the years. of course, we've always hoped that this will happen, but how it turned out in the end was unpredictable. looking back at the last ten years and especially on the past season, we have to state clearly that the support and the reactions of our guests and fans were really worth to keep at it.

the fascination of cocoon ibiza for us comes mainly from the fact that we don't want to rely just on the well-established protagonists of the scene but want to raise the bar a little bit each year. experiments, new artists, wicked concepts, décors and visuals are standing for themselves here. also the djs constantly excel themselves in their work, especially sven with his classic night with underworld or his 7-hour-set at the closing party and the legendary after hour. also ricardo, luciano and zip, who have rocked the terrace until noon must be mentioned here, and, of course, reboot, the current high-flyer live act.

after the many nights when we had to close the doors already very early due to congestion, we experimented with opening the terrace at 6 p.m. already, when sven, josh wink, richie hawtin and frank lorber played. this was well received and will be repeated for sure. and like last year, the numerous musical newcomers fitted perfectly in our concept and lived the cocoon spirit just like the well-established cocoon djs did over the last years.
in a nutshell: even if nobody has considered it possible for us to beat the last years – we have succeeded, thanks to you! great guests, the highest energy level possible and everything was even more way-out than ever before.

of course, this was only possible with you! we want to thank everybody who has supported us from the very beginning, also in the hard times: the island's residents, the international party guests from italy, from uk, from the spanish mainland and from all other regions – and, of course, thanks to all the german supporters and fans who spend their holidays together with us and party! the constantly growing support from the showbiz and the fashion world is another bonus we are very proud of. so, a big thank you also goes out to all the celebrities who party wit us at the amnesia. nevertheless do we know where we come from and to whom we owe this indescribable success. we promise you to carry on in this spirit also in 2010! to all cocoonies, party freaks, island hoppers and revellers out there on this planet, young and old: thank you – without you, we would not exist!

so, enough words about the last 10 years, from now on, we are looking forward to the year 2010 – "the year we make contact"...

could just be a continuation of the "space" theme they have had
rather than some hook-up with Contact

i would imagine that Cocoon is big enough not to co-promote
and Dubfire has done sets under the Cocoon umbrella (as they are his agents) before
First "Contact" is defined as contact between two intelligent species humans and extraterrestrials.
so looking at the billboard pic it would appear to me that Cocoon hosts main room and Contact (whatever that may be) will have the terrace or vice versa?
The billboard shows Contact with Espuma on Sundays on the far left, and Cocoon Mondays on the far right. What's your leap of logic here?
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