Clubs officially opening after the COVID19 pandemic

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Bit boring - but does Tobacco Dock not use the Car Park any more? Noticed from photos of the last few events that the 'Cavern' is the bit on the ground floor now
Concourse is my fav room, so many different spots you can go and have their own unique atmosphere
Yeah I really liked it as a space, just couldn't settle - felt a bit open with the platform / bar next to it. Sounds odd, but probably didn't really suit Drumcode style techno
Since that was posted, its now been deleted... no idea whats going on.

Probably because of the backlash of comments it was getting.
I noticed it wasn’t sold out. Surely not struggling to sell tickets for it? Gutted i couldn’t go..have fun whoever is🤪
white hotel had a solid line up for yest so does Belgrave Music hall Leeds tonight so maybe that could of impacted it a bit.. plus they added this addition on late to the calendar so alot of people will of already booked other nights and maybe couldn't fund this also
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WHP 27th December for me and the gf

The latest location looks decent and the line-up is superb so its worth a 3hr drive to Manchester.
Will make a day of it too, a meal out before hand also and then get in the mood with pre's at the hotel.
easy worth the trip mate. enjoy
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