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Hello All!

I have never been to Ibiza and was thinking of planning a trip next year with some mates. The travel agents recommended we travel with club freestyle who are similar to club 18-30 apparently. Its a 2 weeks stay in Club Paraiso in San Antonio. As i have never been before i would greatly appreciate if anyone has traveled with Club Freestyle of stayed in this hotel could give their opinions on their stay.
I am also eager to find out about the nightlife in San Antonio aswell as how much spending money to take as i have no idea how much things cost out there.

If any one can help it would be greatly appreciated

thank you

Scottish Party Boy :) :) :)
Not that I'm any Ibiza expert as my first time was this summer but according to many on this site San An isn't the most appealing place on the isle. My suggestion would be to stay in Playa D'en Bossa if you can as you have Bora Bora and Space nearby each other and its pretty happening during the day.

For money, take a lot because it costs at least 35 Euro to get into a club and between 6 and 8 Euros for water. You can budget by taking the disco bus instead of taxis etc... Check around the site as there have been a million conversations on costs, things to do, where to go, where to stay etc...

Hope this helps a bit.
thanks bbc6673
appreciate it,

A quick question, is it easy enough to travel between San Antonio and Playa D'en Bossa ?
To be honest I have no clue, I don't think I ever went to San An on my trip. My friend and I took taxis everywhere and it was fine getting around and not to crazy with regards to prices.

Someone else will need to shed light on this one.

no problem mate

cheers anyway

i gotta ask, i take it there are a shit load of chicks in Ibiza? lol
[/b]Scottish Party Boy - bbc6673 is right on. I felt unless you were english, you wanted to stay away from the San An...

Playa D'en Bossa was def. the place to be and the people were more diverse. We rented motorcycles the one time we went to the westend for suset @ Cafe Mambo but taxis will take you anywhere and are easy to find (unless you go in august, so I hear).

Playa D'en Bossa to San Antonio is 15 km or 7 miles... i think.
Am I right in asuming that the West End is full of smallish clubs and pubs with no entry fees, compared to Playa D'en Bossa, San Antonio etc which all host massive clubs, like Eden and Space, who all charge for entry?
The Westend is in San Antonio...Eden and Es Paradis are very close to the Westend so you tend to get people coming from the Westend going to the clubs.
I stayed in San An Bay this year and will again next year, simply because of the Sunset strip. I loved the place and went up there every night to watch the sunset or take in a pre-party or two.
San Antonio isn't all bad, it's just the west end that makes you shake your head.
You can budget by taking buses but it costs about 18 Euros to get from San An to Ibiza/Playa den Bossa so split between 3 or 4 isn't too bad.
Def spend the day in PDB (Bora Bora on a Tuesday afternoon is reccomended) and have a few nights out in Ibiza town (Pacha is the best club on the Island) but for value, and for first timers, it has to be San Antonio (the bay is a lot better than the town), to cram in as much of the Ibiza experience as you can.
hi mate,i stayed in the paraiso this year with freestyle,not bad,quality pool area with dj bit noisy now and again but what u expect,doesnt matter if u stay in san an,loads of hot birds,go to west end and prob end up with about 10 in one nite,only cost about 15 euros a taxi to ibiza town so if ur with a group shouldnt be too bad,its only the west end thats a bit skanky but eden and es paradise r the only clubs in san an which do some cool nites,hope this helps
D'en Bossa is about 15-20 min away from San An if there isn't any Traffic.

If you like drinking heavily in numerous small bars and want a Mardi Gras- type atmosphere, and clubbing isn't at the top of your list, the West End is for you.

If you're a clubber, I'd say D'en Bossa or Ibiza Town.
I went with 18-30 to Ibiza last year to San Antonio, and it was a really good laugh. I will though tell you to exercise great caution with the trips you book. They will try to sell you a package where you spend 200 euros or something and this gets you tickets for all the nights/trips they offer for a week, for a so-called 'discount' price.

DO NOT, however tempting and good sounding the offer is, book this! I can guarantee that at least 50% of the trips are average at best. The reps cabaret night though is a must see. There is a free bar for 2-3 hours where you can get unlimited vodka and coke, san miguel etc during that time for free, and stage entertainment which is genuinely hilarious at times, including the reps stripping off! After the cababret you go to Tonic@Eden, which is an average night in itself, but after the laughs of the cabaret, and also the fact that you are so wrecked from the free bar, this doesn't matter! Also Helter Skelter@Es Paradis is brilliant if you like old skool music, like me, but steer clear if you don't!

I'd reccomend picking around 1-3 of the trips, depending on personal preferences. You should definately go on at least one because they are a really good way of getting to know people in your hotel/apartments, especially at the beginning of the holiday. If you only pick one, then i suggest that it MUST be the cabaret night! Another thing to bear in mind is what nights are on elsewhere in ibiza on the days of their trips. Make sure you are well clued up on this before you go, you don't want to be missing a really brilliant night elsewhere whilst you are stuck in a half filled low key night in a small club with 18-30!

The reps are very pushy when it comes to selling you trips, and on your 1st day you will go down for a welcome meeting where they will try and sell you these, making the trips look brilliant and its easy to be brainwahed into block booking them because of the euphoria of the holiday starting. I spoke to many people who did this in my hotel, and they felt ripped off because half the trips were crap and there were loads of better things they could have done with their money.

Be wise, and you can have a brilliant holiday with 18-30. I was, and I had a great time. The people you will hear slagging off 18-30 are the ones who caved into the pressure of the reps. Be strong willed and selective and you are guaranteed a great time!
I cant believe people still go on about Playa Den Bossa. It has Space and Bora Bora, what else?

People just try and go what others are doing instead of going for the best option. Yes, San Antonio got a lot of bad press on ibizauncovered but it has moved on. Yes, there is still the West End, but there is also the Bar M Strip, The Sunset Strip, Kasbah, Kanya, Coastline. Where else can you see top class DJs for nothing every night of the week???

I have visited Ibiza 10 times now and would not even consider staying anywhere else but San Antonio. 1/2 the people who say 'oh dont go to San Antonio' have never stayed there!

I never visit the West End, Eden or Es Paradise, but consider San An to be the vibrant place to stay. It has a quality buzz about it. Coming back for clubs and chatting to people at 8.00 in the morning beside the 24 hr shop or on the beach. Viva San Antonio!!!

As for cash, £1,000 at least for two weeks. AND - Do not go on any 18 - 30 type package deal!
I agree with you about San Antonio. YES it isn't perfect YES the West End is a bit of a shit hole but as you rightly point out there are loads of quality bars with quality clientel (however u spell it!) and the pre-parties with big name DJ's performing for free are legendary. Also if you stay in San An, you have the choice. If you WANT to visit out of town places like Bora Bora etc you can, but you also have the cloice of the vibrant clublife in the town if you feel like a cheaper night. Nowhere else in Ibiza has the choice of bars and clubs that San Antonio has.

Going back to the West End, I personally didn't mind visiting it. The West End is a place to get pissed, have a laugh and party the night away. You know what to expect with it and it doesn't pretend to be anything different. If you like getting drunk, having reasonably cheap drinks in a busy atmosphere and don't mind being surrounded by a few real pissheads then the West End is the place for you. It isn't the prettiest place, nor really the most pleasant, but it's an ideal base for a clubbing night especially if you are going to Es Paradis or Eden.

One tip with the West End is to milk all you can out of the PR's. Try to blag as many free drinks or free drink flyers out of them as you can. Threaten to go to one of their rival bars or make something up e.g '........ bar offered me a free pint and shot if i went in, i'll go there if you don't give me 2 free pints' etc. It doesn't always work, but if you get a gullible/desperate PR then you'll be suprised at what you can blag. Last summer I got 2 free pints and a shot out of Cheers Bar!
Everyone has there own perceptions of the place, some might prefer playa den bossa, some might prefer san an, but where ever you stay, just count yourself lucky to be in ibiza!!!
Robo said:
Everyone has there own perceptions of the place, some might prefer playa den bossa, some might prefer san an, but where ever you stay, just count yourself lucky to be in ibiza!!!

Exactly mate! Couldn't have put it any better. The only thing I'd advise not to do in ibiza is stay in every night and read a book!
I've stayed at the Paraiso in San An before. It's good value for money and good location in between the sunset strip and the west end. Wherever you stay you always end up having to travel depending on what club you want to go to. Last couple of years I stayed in Ibiza Town and still travelled to San An for the pre-parties at Mambos. At the end of the day it's only a base to crash after partying.