Clockwork Orange 2021


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Such a vague post though wasn't it...'we will wait till next week to make our decision if we can do it this year, but here are the dates for next year!' Why not wait until next week and then say whether you can or can't?

But yeah, I doesn't look good for this year...will be cancelling yet another hotel due to this sh*tstorm

Mr Brightside1978

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The first or 2nd week of October, there's a glimmer Amnesia may host Clockwork, the roof is being removed for (day parties), just like the 80s pioneers experienced

The sunny days in early October are EXQUISITE.

Maybe one for the ibiza gossip also
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Mr Brightside1978

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posted this morning on Clockwork FB

Ibiza 2021.

We are aiming for October, July Clockwork seems far too soon. For very obvious reasons.

The aim. Early October. Delicious weather.

Amnesia (no roof -terrace)

Overcome the obstacles and believe in the signs.

As many as wish to join us.

Dates tba very

Can swap, transfer, refund any of your wishes.xx

Clockwork ibiza 2022. 14th to 18th July.