cheapest airline from uk (any destination) to Ibiza......

cheapest airline from uk

Depends when! Summer Easyjet and BMI baby are good if you book early enough, Winter Outbound from Stansted with Air Berlin (book direct) back book a one way through ussually around £84 with change in Palma. :) :)
dance4life said:
sleazy jet arent much better. expect to be delayed

i flew with them loads of times throughout the summer, and i was only delayed twice, and they were both in september.

i soppose i was just lucky.
Britannia are cool, I got a dead cheap holiday in september flying with them, £95 for a week in san an....heaven...!
No delays, in fact we landed early on the way back.
The prices vary. But on previous experience, you can pick up a return flight for as low as £50ish. Although, I reckon just under £100 is most likely.

The cheap seats sell out first and I've paid as much as £190, booking Juneish for August.

But keep checking back- it'll be well worth your while.

Good luck, J
Flew Easyjet in June to Ibiza - had no trouble.
Flew Brittania in September and we were delayed for 4hrs on the return. We didn't get back to LGW until 3.30am and then had to wait an hour for all our bags to come off the plane. Nightmare!