Carl Cox reveals plan to build a new Space Ibiza


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Would love to be wrong but I don’t think space will be back in Ibiza one day ?

Apart from all the politics that are huge , Pepe Rosello is around 82,83 years old ! Having to recreate something like space at his age would be nearly a miracle. He has done his time I think , and what he did during all those years is spectacular but having again the energy now to recreate that look quiet impossible imo.

And even if the plan still on the table I don’t see how could they built something similar from the old one ! Because if it is to create something that it’s just a bad copy better not doing anything...

Bit negative my comment but it how I see the things about space .
Rip space ❤


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Yes guys....perhaps it's not a good idea but they can try no ? Imagine having "Space opening fiesta" and "closing fiesta" again...... It would be magic :spank:



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Opening & Closing are now just a business.
It's just the same party of others parties.
It's just more expensive and without magic......

"Space flight arena" will has never be equaled....


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You have the IMS which kind of officially marks the opening of the season, and is something a bit different..

I guess no where else could get away with doing any sort of large scale open air opening party like space did, Amnesia has too many residences around it, same goes for Privilege, although they do have a nice big car park!


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@ibizainside so true ...... I don't know if @Space Ibiza missing me because the atmosphere were different before OR because magical were different.... Less VIP, Less Yatch, Less Money & More after Parties, More #Space, More Circolocco for 10€, More simple people....................... Sorry I'm getting old :spank: !


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one main reason to go back to space and add some new parties for ibz20 ?
looks like some should not work as a fortune story teller in not believing for the rebirth of space ??